Kaya & Toast – House of Coffee and Toast

kaya toast review

Kaya & Toast is a relatively new concept eating establishment that specializes in kaya toast – the breakfast staple served in Malaysian coffee shops since time immemorial. Kaya & Toast – House of Coffee and Toast brings this simple but satisfying old skool menu item back with a vengeance. I went there for tea just now. Kaya & Toast is open from 7 am to 7 pm.

kaya toast indoors

Kaya & Toast did an advertising blitz around my office area with glossy full color flyers depicting nostalgic images of kaya toast with soft boiled eggs and coffee. It is reproduced in the eating establishment in a larger than life wall printing. The text goes “Old time favorite. Remember those were the days… The scent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a heavenly slice of toast with kaya.

kaya toast outdoors

The place has an outdoor seating area with square tables and square chairs (love the symmetry) as well as a well ventilated indoor seating area with ceiling fans. It reproduces the charm of an old coffee shop and relates it to the newer generation of people. Kaya & Toast is a self-service establishment and serves a small, but intriguing menu of toast related products ranging from the established kaya toast (also known as roti kahwin) to the unorthodox curry toast.

kaya toast full monty

I went for the full monty and ordered one set of kaya toast (RM 1.70), one set of soft boiled eggs (RM 1.50) and kopi-o (RM 0.80). The soft boiled eggs comes in twos and is pre-cracked for your convenience. The coffee they make is good, and they also serve Italian brews. The highlight of the meal would be the two slices of home made bread toasted to crispy perfection and slathered with rich creamy home made kaya (a coconut based paste).

kaya toast buttering

The kaya toast was buttered with an unusual method – the butter is sliced into thin mini-slabs and embedded at appropriate intervals in the kaya toast and left to melt. The kaya toast here is great! It came out nicely crispy and the kaya is sweet and creamy, with the butter providing that delicious aftertaste that just begs you to take one more bite. This is a serious fucking piece of kaya toast, no shit.

milo dinosaur

I also couldn’t resist going for the Milo Dinosaur (RM 1.90) which is a recent concoction involving an iced Milo drink topped with generous heaps of Milo powder. It’s alright, but go for the kaya toast too. It’s a must-try item…this place has truly earned their right to the name with that product.

The proper method to eat kaya toast is to dip it into the soft boiled egg, just like egg soldiers. πŸ™‚


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