Thumb slices kitchen knife

knife thumb slice

I have butterfingers…I managed to slice a kitchen knife with my
right thumb last night at a friend’s house. I’m not used to a kitchen
knife for precision work, and that combined with my innate clumsiness
resulted in the slicing of a cross section of my right thumb topography.

knife thumb bleed

Well, the thing that happened was, I was trying to open a plastic
packet and put the kitchen knife with the business end upright (facing
me) while I used a downward motion to push the plastic baggie down to
leverage on kinetic energy, which would hopefully result in a clean
shear down the plastic. Alas…my right thumb was in the way….

knife thumb tissue

I didn’t even realize I cut myself until I saw the skin flapping
around (it went down to the dermis) and blood coming out at a
prodigious rate. My friend handed me tissues and I’ve been applying
pressure on the wound without much recourse. I did not feel pain, and I
forgot about my thumb most of the night.

knife thumb clot

Except when I looked at it, of course…I did not put a band-aid or
anything on it the whole night, and I was thinking I could get an
infection due to the depth of the would (went through the sub dermal
layer). I had cold chills and a slight fever as well, which made me
wish I bandaged the damn thing. I still haven’t. πŸ˜‰

I went to a really great recording studio with a couple of friends
last night…the place was amazing, I didn’t know there’s a facility
like that in Kuching. I’m planning to record a session this weekend.
I’m making arrangements for one guitar, one bass, and one drum player
who knows NOFX/Green Day songs or is good with playing printed guitar
tabs on the fly.

I’ve always wanted to record a demo but I never did get around to
doing it. Now that the arrangements have been made, it looks good. The
next project (which I’ve mentioned previously on the blog) I want to do
is a self-produced movie using a script I wrote (it’s a realistic love
story with violence and drugs) but I have neither the right cast nor a
fucking video camera. I want to do that before I get too old, so I’m
going to be working towards that too.

Anyone in Kuching interested? I need two female leads (preferably
aesthetically pleasing) and a lot of supporting cast, preferably not
looking like choir boys or the bookworm of the class since it’s going
to be a gritty and realistic film – if you feel at home at a dodgy
club, that’s the look that’s perfect for the film. Not the dressing up
for the meat market look, but come out and play, no holds barred look.
It’s obviously a labor of love, so I can’t pay the cast…the obvious
benefit is being in a film (however limited distribution it’s going to

I’ve actually got the two female leads but one of them went to KL so
I’m looking for a Ah Lian type of girl (who can speak English,
obviously, it’s just the look we’re going for), since the other female
lead is going to be the nice girl next door. It sounds cheesy, but I
promise it’s not – it’s hard hitting, realistic, gritty (using this
word for the second time) movie shot in and around Kuching and KL. The
male supporting cast is partially filled up from a verbal agreement
with some of my friends – these I specially picked coz they have to
fight, and I’m not going to compromise the film by using

I got into the concept when I was involved with a student film
production in Melbourne, and realized that making a film isn’t that
hard, if you’re going indie. I wrote the script that year too, but I
incorporated some changes every now and then when I’m in the mood. The
protagonist is going to be yours truly, and no, it’s not impossible to
be in a film and direct it at the same time. I’ve actually done a lot
of groundwork on this…everything except the two things I need to do

I even got a club to agree to let me film in the premises in the
morning! It’s good, obviously they can’t allow a crew to take up floor
space during the night, and they’ll get the DJ and lighting and sound
systems up…and if you’ve been to a club in the morning, you’ll find
that it’s not very different from the night if the systems are set up.
There’s two scenes planned for this venue – a raid and a gang fight
outside. These two scenes are going to require a lot of people, I’ve
got the latter covered, but will need some people for the former.

Like I mentioned, I still need a couple of people for supporting
cast members, and I have to tell you up front that it’s not for the
squeamish…the last thing I want to hear is people telling me “I don’t
know how to smoke” (Pet peeve: I hate actors who don’t inhale – it’s
distracting, why cast a non-smoker for a role like that?), “I can’t
make out with that girl, I already have a gf”, “What? There’s going to
be drugs on the set?!? I’m supposed to do it for real?”, or anything along that line. I reiterate – Not for squeamish.

If it makes people feel better, I will be receiving my share of
whoop ass and dishing it out in the film too. I probably should mention
that the substances featured in the film is non-psychoactive
substitutes for legal reasons…but off the record…

Everything will be real – real fights, real blood, real sex, real drug use. It’s going to be perfect…

P/S – Does anyone have replica firearms which look like a Beretta 92D?

Get yourself in the most uncompromising self-funded Malaysian produced independent movie! πŸ˜‰

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