Wiya Chicken Rice, Kota Kinabalu

wiya chicken rice

Wiya Chicken Rice is the oldest and most established nasi ayam outlet in Kota Kinabalu. I remember eating their pyramid shaped chicken rice with gusto, savoring every single delicious grain of rice and morsel of chicken when I first got out of rehab a couple of years back. I was determined to patronize this outlet again when I went to KK last weekend.

wiya chicken rice meal

We took a cab down to Segama for the chicken rice (BTW, KK taxis rips you off when you depart from a nice resort, going back is always cheaper) coz I REALLY wanted to eat it during the first day we arrived in KK.

wiya chicken rice stall

Wiya chicken rice was just as I remembered it – packed and busy, with heaps of people waiting for their acclaimed pyramid shaped chicken rice.

wiya chicken rice crowd

Actually, the sole USP of the place is their rice which wouldn’t look out of place in Egypt. It’s actually very simple – they have a pyramid shaped scoop.

wiya chicken rice pyramid

I’m not sure what it does for the taste, or whether the pyramid shape gives it mystical properties, but aesthetically it looks good and the rice is just like I remembered it – soft, fluffy and full of oily chicken essence so you can taste the rice.

wiya chicken rice chicken

The chilli sauce at Wiya Chicken Rice can hold its own against most other similar establishments too.

wiya chicken rice char siew

We also ordered a plate of char siew – take my advice and avoid this. In the words of Jerine: “This char siew doesn’t have any taste to it”. It’s true. It’s bland and dry. Just pass on that, you’ll thank me for it.

wiya chicken rice pyramid rice

However, their chicken is pretty succulent and the flavorful rice more than makes up for the char siew disaster. It costs RM 20.40 for the both of us inclusive of drinks.

wiya chicken rice us

It’s the favorite of locals and travellers alike for all the good reasons – they serve awesome chicken rice in a King Tut package! πŸ™‚

Parasailing @ Pulau Sapi, KK

parasailing me jerine

Parasailing! KK is well known for its water sports and we took a trip by boat to Pulau Sapi. The first thing we did was parasailing.

parasailing setup

It costs RM 180 for two people – tandem on a single chute. Jerine paid for the parasailing experience – cheers! I wanted to go diving but she doesn’t have a PADI license so I figured we might as well do something together since we’re on vacation.

parasailing boat

Anyway, back to parasailing – it involves the boat driving out to open water and the operators setting up the chute. You strap yourself into this harness and the entire trip gives you 15 minutes of pure pleasure.

parasailing the kiss

Eh, wrong photo – this is supposed not what it seems okay. It was decided that in the interests of science, we would see if it’s possible to express affection while the boat speeds along and you’re up in the skies! Just a friendly…er, peck on the lips. πŸ˜‰

parasailing tandem

You can ask the operator to customize the experience to your tastes – we went for full speed, full height and a full dip into the water until the shoulders.

parasailing dipping in water

It’s a lot of fun – unfortunately, we couldn’t go full throttle coz of the winds (parachute = wind resistance) but it was damn enjoyable.

parasailing tandem jerine

The experience is like nothing else – you just need to trust the harness and let go while being up, up, up in the air before dipping into the open waters of the seas.

However, being adrenaline junkies, we felt that it would be better if the boat had gone faster but with the wind conditions it’s perfectly understandable. One last note:


Promenade Hotel Apartments at Api-Api Center, KK

kk airport seas

The flight from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu took about an hour and
half. Kota Kinabalu International Airport is breathtaking when the
plane starts its landing sequence – it goes over the magnificent
islands and austere seas and it almost seems like the plane is going to
land into the sea…

kk airport landing

…but it touched down perfectly on the runaway built right beside the open seas. It certainly is a novel experience…

kk promenade check in

We took a taxi into KK and after walking around a bit, decided to check into Promenade Hotel Apartments at Api Api Center. Api-Api is the word the locals call Kota Kinabalu…interesting snippet here.

kk promenade nook

Promenade Hotel Apartments is located in a nook of Api-Api Center
right in the middle of Kota Kinabalu – it’s all to easy to miss the
place if not for the plethora of signs advertising the low rates of RM
68++ per night.

kk hotel room

Our hotel room is situated a little down from the actual reception
block. This modular hotel apartment design is unique – we had to walk
one block down and take a separate escalator up to the second floor.
The room looks a little dodgy at first sight…

kk hotel corridor

…especially when the corridor seems to be a mix of hotel apartments and business establishments and residential units.

kk hotel interior

The room itself was alright though. There are two beds and a sofa
for the three of us and the room comes equipped with a TV, a fridge and
air conditioning. It also has a kitchen in addition to the bathroom and
toilet unit.

kk hotel view

I can’t say much about the view…

kk hotel ironing carpets

…and it looks like some drug crazed tenant has previously taken a hot iron to the carpets…

…but we’ll only be staying the night.

The journey to conquer Mt. Kinabalu starts at 0700 hours tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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