Hot Wong’s @ Clayton

Hot Wong’s @ Clayton Road

I checked out Hot Wong’s today with Adrian and Christopher. It’s a
newly opened Asian food outlet at Clayton and we all live in Clayton so
we might as well check out the new place to eat in town. The first
thing that struck me about this place is the sign that said “20%
discount if you present your student card”. 20% is a pretty high
discount, especially for food.

Hot Wong’s Interior

Anyway, I had the KL Chilli Chicken. It comes with rice if you order
the combo meal. Oh, and when you order a meal, all soft drink cans are
80 cents only. I went for a more interesting drink though – canned
young coconut juice (with pulp). Come to think about it, I’ve never
heard of KL Chilli Chicken until today. Is there such a thing as KL
Chilli Chicken?

Hot Wong’s KL Chilli Chicken

Well, the dish was quite hot (about 2/5 on my scale) but I have a
high threshold for hot food, so your mileage may vary. The portions are
fairly generous, but it’s not the size of normal Chinese restaurants. I
had to dig around a bit to find the meat in the mix too. Most of it was

One of the many pieces of art (?) on the wall – each one shows a
stick figure with a rice farmer hat engaged in a different sport

Anyway, I guess the best thing about this place is the prices. It’s
really cheap, compared to other places around here. The meal was A$6.50
and that’s only A$5.20 after the 20% discount. Just remember to show
your Student ID card when you order your meal. πŸ™‚

Interesting fact: The counter was staffed by a Caucasian female. Not something you see every day in Asian restaurants.

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