Roti Kraft competitive eating @ Hassan’s


My mother always told me not to play with my food.


Kraft is promoting their Burger Kraft and Roti Kraft by setting up booths in mamaks around the Klang Valley. I went to catch the one at Hassan’s coz I have (an inflated) faith in my competitive eating skillz. πŸ˜‰

burger kraft

Naturally, I had to try eating it first for practice so I ordered one Burger Kraft. It’s free if you say the tagline “Kasi satu Burger Kraft“. It tasted good – I had no idea just using a premium cheese slice instead of a normal one would result in such a difference.

roti kraft

I also had Roti Kraft – it’s roti canai made with Kraft cheese and this is the one that’s going to be in the competitive eating contest. I like roti cheese and Roti Kraft tastes quite different.

kraft akimbo

You know how some cheese slices don’t even have dairy products inside? Kraft cheese slices isn’t one of those – it’s real cheese. None of that artificial cheese nonsense here.

embedded journalist

Embedded journalist. Heh! These were some people I met at the mamak and sat with them to hear what they thought about the Roti Kraft. It’s mostly positive and a lot of them wanted to join the Roti Kraft eating contest later. Awesome! I love competition. πŸ™‚


The Kraft mascot came out and made an appearance during the event, greeting people at the mamak and getting them to join the competition.


Oh, how kind of you.


The competitive eating session is divided into male and female matches and the winner will walk away with a Samsung digital camera.

roti stack

The stage is set with stacks and stacks of Roti Kraft.


It’s about to get serious.




I managed to eat 3 Roti Kraft in 5 minutes. The winner ate 4. I was just one short. >.<

I think I was talking to much crap at the beginning about my Dhall Theory (TM) instead of scarfing down the food. T_T


The female eating session came after that and saw a lot of girls positively stuffing themselves for the digicam.

It started out with very fast pacing…

…which gradually slowed as the competitors started getting full.

The female Roti Kraft competition was much more interesting – it ended up with a tie!

female competition

Thus the two winners (coincidentally the ones I sat with during the night) had to do a tie-breaker game where the person who finishes one Roti Kraft in the fastest time wins.

moral support

Moral support/Praying

This is the tie-breaker video. One of the girls nearly had a reversal after eating that.

final two

Congratulations to the winners!


Kalau Keju Mesti Kraft, Kasi satu Roti Kraft!

me eating

I conclude that it is a lot more fun to watch other people eat competitively than to do it yourself. πŸ˜‰

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