Kuak Sa

kuak sa

I took a sick day today due to a particularly nasty bout of flu that had me running a high fever last night. I clocked off at 12:15 pm and Faye took me to see her sister, who, I’m told, is something of an expert in the ancient art of kuak sa.

kuak sa aftermath

Literally translated, kuak sa means “scratch heat” and can be very effective for heatstroke. How much of the effect is placebo and how much is due to the copious amounts of Minyak Cap Kapak is debatable. I maintain a healthy level of skepticism at the efficacy of this method on flu (which is caused by the influenza virus) but Faye insists that it would help me some and since it certainly won’t make me any worse, I went for it.

me kuak sa

It was kinda painful, especially when the spinal cord is being pressed against. Subject is shown here wincing slightly while attempting to maintain a brave front. Actual product may differ from image shown. Warranty void if seal is broken. Batteries sold separately. Product may contain traces of peanuts.

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