How much dirty laundry can you stuff into a laundry bag?

dirty laundry

The two back-to-back public holidays are finally over! I didn’t send my dirty laundry off in time before the long holidays started, so I was knee deep in it by today. I used a standard laundry bag (nicked from a hotel somewhere) and tried to stuff all my worn attire into it.

I think I just set a new record here!

…after a bit of grunting (and tearing of the considerably tough bag) I managed to clobber the unruly clothes into submission and sent it off to the cleaners.

Guess how much it weighed?

dirty laundry weight

6.4 kg. Just a bit more and I would have been over the weight limit for carry-on baggage. πŸ™‚

Washing dirty linen in public

launder kuching

My damn washing machine broke down (to be fair, it’s been in service ever since I came to Kuching to work) so I had to use a laundry to get my linen services done in the mean time. LAUN’DER Laundry Services and Dry Cleaning is located just behind my office and they washed, dried and ironed about 12 kgs of miscellaneous items for just RM 10.40.

launder kuching girl

The staff is friendly and the turnaround time is fast (same day service).

It’s perfect for washing dirty linen in public. πŸ˜‰


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