The journey is half the fun!

klia lcct travel

When I was a little kid our family used to go for vacations every year. It was something I really looked forward to. We would spend the earlier part of the year planning on the destination and I would research (in books, the Internet in its current form didn’t exist then) the place thoroughly before we went.


Our annual family vacations went on hiatus when I went to New Zealand for my high school when I was 15 but I still remember them fondly. One of the things I miss the most was the anticipation. The journey was almost as good as the actual trip itself. I would get all excited the night before and during the ride to the airport I’ll be so into it I’ll think I was already there.


I remember telling my mom not to litter when we were having breakfast in Sibu before going to Singapore. Heh!

klia lcct erl

Anyway, I had a chance to relive this journey a couple of weekends ago. I took a train down to the airport, armed with a digicam and pretended I was going on a trip.

klia lcct

Did you know that KLIA Transit has a service that brings you to LCCT? I didn’t! It was TOTALLY new to me.

klia lcct train

I am aware of the usual players plying the bus service, which is quite competitive. You know what I mean from the in-your-face touts in KL Sentral.

klia lcct feeder bus

I went there last Sunday to see how the service was…it’s your usual KLIA Transit train with a feeder bus (complete with a driver prospecting for auditory gold) but it gets you there.

klia lcct news

Look! You can even update yourself on the latest news while you’re at it. Heh!

klia lcct me

It felt good – I almost feel like I’m going on a vacation when I stepped into the threshold of the train. I went to LCCT, grabbed a bite to eat and then came back to real life. πŸ™

klia lcct food

This ERL service to LCCT it makes it possible for regular folks to get from KL Sentral to LCCT in less than an hour.

I timed it.

klia lcct timing

I reckon it’s good to have a bit of competition over here. The buses are cheap, no doubt, but sometimes (I speak from experience) it can get crowded and they don’t depart regularly during odd hours.

klia lcct kl

The ERL service to LCCT is already running, you can check out the details on the KLIA Ekspres website. Go Green, Go LO-CO2!

klia lcct tourists

I thought it was fun just to pop down to the airport and watch the people waiting for real flights to their vacation destinations. *sigh*

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