Supply chain management

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Sick of your deliveries getting held up in transit? Well, we can’t help you in that aspect but we do have an alternative:


It’s Sudafed to the rescue! I’ve never had any problems with
purchasing pseudoephedrine, except this one time at Chemmart. I was
looking at the Colds and Flu department when this store attendant came
up to help. The girl was very friendly and helpful at first, getting me
a generic pseudoephedrine pack, but I saw that it had 5 mg
chlorpheniramine maleate (an antihistamine) in it too and asked for a
pseudoephedrine hydrochloride only preparation and she immediately said
they don’t carry it and walked away. Yeah, that’s real nice customer
service. I don’t even look half-dodgy, I always get asked for ID when I
buy cigarettes or alcohol. I’m not saying that I purchase
pseudoephedrine frequently though, no, of course not.


Anyway, I don’t have a stuffy nose, I’m just taking it in a (vain)
effort to stay awake. It’s a very, very poor substitute for meth
though, 320 mg + caffeine isn’t doing much to shake off the
benzodiazepine metabolites that INSIST (Why are you doing this???) on
sedating me. I am still sleepy right now, despite guzzling Coke (the
drink) like it’s going er…out of style? I don’t have any meth – supply
chain issues, hopefully will resolve itself soon. Help, I seriously
have trouble staying awake. Caffeine and pseudoephedrine is not
triggering my dopamine receptors. Damn things are spoilt by meth. Now
if only I have some red phosphorus, Lithium, anhydrous ammonia and some
organic chemistry background…

I’m kidding of course.

NOFX – Quart In Session
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[Edit: Mp3 deleted.]

It’s funny how
Nothing seems much fun anymore to me now that I don’t have meth
Coz soberness – it might be what I need but
It certainly not how I want to be
Nothing seems much fun to anymore to me…

Slight modification of lyrics.

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