Lunch @ Manna Cafe

manna lunch

Manna Cafe is located pretty close to where I work and thus, I headed down to Manna Cafe for lunch with Amy. My lunch hour is just what it sounds like – an hour (plus 15 minutes to get to and from the place) so it tends to be a rather hasty affair.

nasi lemak

Amy went for their Nasi Lemak which is really the February 2008 promotion, but for some reason it’s still on the menu due to its popularity. It’s served with either beef rendang, chicken curry or beef masak hitam and comes with coffee or green tea for RM 7.90.

stone bowl

I opted for the Stone Bowl Ribeye Steak Rice for RM 8.90. The dish is billed as “grilled ribeye steak over savory rice, topped with black pepper sauce and melted cheese, brought piping hot from the oven to your table”. I like Manna Cafe’s stone bowl offerings and I thought this version was pretty good.

fresh fruits

It also came with a complimentary dish of fresh fruits over shaved ice. πŸ™‚

manna us

I think the food from Manna Cafe comes out a little on the slow side and one hour is probably cutting it a little too thin, especially taking rush hour traffic into consideration. Unless you work somewhere in the building itself, of course.

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