Pulling my dermal anchor piercing out myself

dermal anchor reject

I had a dermal anchor piercing (also called a microdermal implant) done last year and it healed pretty well without much care on my part. However, the skin around it started getting inflamed and I knew that my body was going to reject the piercing.

The microdermal implant started growing out when my niece pulled at it during Chinese New Year and it has caught several times against my clothing ever since. I got really tired of it and decided to pull it out just now.

dermal anchor remove

I’ve heard a lot of people say that it’s a painful process that must be done in a proper setting but I just grabbed the loose part and pulled it out with my fingers. It didn’t hurt at all. I think it was about to fall out by itself sooner or later anyway. *shrugs

pulling out microdermal

Microdermals are foreign objects and your body will reject it given time so I figured I might as well expedite the process. There’s minimal bleeding and at least I won’t have to feel uncomfortable with it snagging against my clothes anymore. smirk

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