Boss! Secondhand Rolex, mahu?


I have been loitering around various places during my lunch hour, dodging security and soliciting strangers in an attempt to sell off my Rolex (looks like the one here for your reference: It’s harder than it sounds, most people look at me with a mixture of apprehension and disdain when I approach them. It wasn’t a very successful experiment. People are very skeptical when selling in this kind of an environment, if you know what you are doing and have read a guide to the Rolex Daytona or any other watch for the matter, then you will have more confidence when buying from sketchy dudes like me in that situation.

…perhaps a lot of it had to do with the fact that I accidentally let slip about the Rolex being stolen goods while attempting to hock it to a couple of women walking out of their office. My friend was there to film me coz I bet I could sell it (the watch is hers) and my less-than-successful attempts cracked her up.

There’s gotta be a better way to go about this. I mean seriously, who does this anymore in the Internet generation? I want an easier way to sell stuff I don’t need – easy being the keyword here. I’m not going to stand around looking dodgy and approach random people. There’s got to be an easier way.

Mudah is the BM word for easy. I’m a bit low on cash so I tried to…er, make my services available on this online marketplace. I advertised under Services – 27 year old for sale, reasonably sane, overseas educated, available for the low, low price of RM 20,000 a night.

It didn’t get listed. πŸ™

I’m not giving up though. I have a lot of stuff lying around at home that I can sell on to help tide me through the month. I’m testing what does and does not contravene their TermsΒ & Conditions to maximize the wares I can sell. πŸ™‚


I have a slanting breakfast bar which requires a plastic container to prop it up to a reasonable angle. I’m willing to let it go for RM 300. Installation and dismantling charges not included. I’ll throw in the garbage bags for free if you come and pick it up yourself.


This is a bottle of CK Eternity purchased in 1997. I’m serious. It has undergone an aging process for more than a decade and I’ve barely used it. I’ll let it go for RM 400. My rationale for the higher price is that alcohol is more expensive when it’s been aged. Eau de toilette has alcohol. πŸ™‚


All kidding aside, I got a call from Sony Malaysia telling me that I’ve won a TV. I’m serious. I bought a Sony alpha 350 dSLR earlier this year and the people at Sony Style filled up a contest form for me with proof of purchase. Well, I was informed that I won a Sony TV from that contest and I’ll have to pick it up from Sony Style. I don’t need a TV but I need the cash so I’m going to list that on as soon as I pick it up. No, I’m not selling my dSLR. :p


You can conveniently buy and sell on anytime, anywhere. Property, cars, cell phones, computers, and more can be found listed on the site. It’s a Malaysian online marketplace too so you don’t have to worry about customs and expensive postal charges. The possibilities are endless!

It’s particularly useful for those of us who works long hours. I can buy stuff and get it delivered right to the office.


The convenience of getting gifts for your loved ones online nullifies the effort and time required to go browsing about traditional brick and mortar establishments. facilitates this – I can order a gift online, get the seller to deliver it to my office and pass it right after work.


It didn’t go down too well though. Perhaps cacing merah (red worms) wasn’t the best choice. I just thought it would be useful for fishing. *shrugs*


The Toyota Vios 1.5G was a hit though. Spoil your loved ones (or yourself) by browsing through the “marketplace of Malaysia” and pick an item at rock bottom prices. – the possibilities are endless! πŸ™‚

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