It’s like a box of chocolates


Our company recently had an annual party and we had lucky draw prizes and door gifts ranging from LCD TVs to Jusco vouchers. It’s the luck of the draw – I got engine oil and a printer, which is pretty good considering I don’t have a printer and it’s high time to change my engine oil.

Now some people got stuff which they don’t need or wanted to sell off for cash instead so the next day was filled with emails bouncing back and forth with offers and deals on their gifts. I remember one particular thread selling RM 600 worth of Jusco vouchers for RM 560 (5% discount).

cash voucher

I was laughing when I saw that coz who in their right minds would buy that for only RM 40 less? I wasn’t laughing a minute later when a bid war started and the seller decided to just sell it to the first person who responded. I was pondering about this the whole day until a coworker shrugged in the elevator and said maybe to some aunties, a RM 40 saving is a huge amount, especially if they buy groceries at Jusco.

I think he might be right – it doesn’t appeal to me coz I don’t shop there but what if it’s something I want? I can imagine bidding on a 50% MPH/Borders voucher coz I love books and I love reading. It’s all about affinity and interests. I may not be into buying groceries at a discount but a lot of other people are.


It’s also about the surprise and limited time offer factor that spurred the after-party deluge of emails. People are interested in what others have to offer and due to the time sensitive nature, they kept checking their emails. TVs, iPods, gaming consoles and whatnot flew off the company email servers – it’s virtual selling.

Now, that was just a company wide event. Imagine taking that up to a whole new level and offering deals for all Malaysians (even Sarawakians ;)).

cold storage is offering exactly that. The concept is very interesting – they have a limited amount of vouchers to sell every day and you won’t know what it is until you go to their website that day. The vouchers are all from well known brands – restaurants, movie theatres, hotels, massages and much much more.


What offers is discounts on vouchers which can be 50% – 90% (!!!) off. You have to click on the city you’re in to see what the deal of the day is and if you like it, you simply purchase it and the voucher gets emailed to you instantly! No waiting for the postman, just get the voucher in your Inbox and bring it to the store.

dinner at rhu

I’ve seen Nando’s, Parkson, Isetan, Popular, McDonald’s, Cathay Cineplex and more on their website. The wide range of brands ensures that it appeals to everyone. Movie buff? The RM 10 Cathay Cineplex voucher for just RM 2.50 will surely appeal with 75% off. Need to get something from Guardian? One of their past deals is 68% off RM 10 Guardian gift vouchers.

The most intriguing thing about is that all the offers are time limited AND quantity limited, so if you want to get that exclusive deal, you have to put on them boogie shoes and be quick about it to get it on time!


That is what’s so interesting about – you never know what deals might pop up and it’s an entirely different shopping experience. You have to be quick though coz I’ve seen great deals sell out before 24 hours.

jivarhu massage

You can check out tomorrow’s deal if you Like their Facebook page. It reminds me of that James Bond movie Tomorrow Never Dies where the media mogul’s tagline is “Tomorrow’s News Today”. Heh!

fruit basket

If you like the element of surprise (you never know what’s the deal of the day), just surf over to and see what they have to offer today!

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