The best Nasi Lemak Special

huang chuang cafe

I have managed to find the best nasi lemak special in Sibu while having lunch just now. It’s located at Huang Chuang Cafe near Methodist High School.

muslim stall

The stall is a Muslim stall and it was recommended by Fang Ling who is something of a regular diner over there.

nasi lemak woman

The nice lady at the stall will ask if you want curry chicken or ayam masak hitam (chicken with soy sauce).

nasi lemak parts

You can also choose the parts of the chicken you prefer (drums are popular, as well as thigh meat).

nasi lemak special

The nasi lemak special is served with sambal and a fried egg on top of the fragrant santan (coconut milk) rice. The chicken is served on a separate bowl.

ayam masak hitam

Faye went for the ayam masak hitam. It’s really good – not too spicy, with flavorful hints of cinnamon.

curry chicken drum

Fang Ling and I went for the curry chicken. The curry is spicy, yet with sweet overtones. The place doesn’t add santan like it’s going out of style too. It has just the right balance of spices and coconut milk.

nasi lemak us

The best thing about it? It only costs RM 3.50.

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