The best Nasi Lemak Special

huang chuang cafe

I have managed to find the best nasi lemak special in Sibu while having lunch just now. It’s located at Huang Chuang Cafe near Methodist High School.

muslim stall

The stall is a Muslim stall and it was recommended by Fang Ling who is something of a regular diner over there.

nasi lemak woman

The nice lady at the stall will ask if you want curry chicken or ayam masak hitam (chicken with soy sauce).

nasi lemak parts

You can also choose the parts of the chicken you prefer (drums are popular, as well as thigh meat).

nasi lemak special

The nasi lemak special is served with sambal and a fried egg on top of the fragrant santan (coconut milk) rice. The chicken is served on a separate bowl.

ayam masak hitam

Faye went for the ayam masak hitam. It’s really good – not too spicy, with flavorful hints of cinnamon.

curry chicken drum

Fang Ling and I went for the curry chicken. The curry is spicy, yet with sweet overtones. The place doesn’t add santan like it’s going out of style too. It has just the right balance of spices and coconut milk.

nasi lemak us

The best thing about it? It only costs RM 3.50.

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12 thoughts on “The best Nasi Lemak Special”

  1. damn that looks good. subang jaya SS14 230pm nasi lemak does the trick for me. yes, she really only opens for business at 2pm, but the fried chicken is never ready before 230pm. but no way for RM3.50 here!

  2. Aiyo i prefer this than my regular nasi lemak πŸ™ usually the best i can get for RM3.50 is fried drumstick with one whole boiled egg.
    But this is better ish. Too bad u don’t work in Kuching if not u can feature kuching food hahaha wait i got visit sibu then i will drop by here to have a taste if it’s still open!

  3. Hey HB, just heard that you are back!!!! YAY for me…..I am visiting Kuching in July for 3 weeks and reading your food blogs are playing tricks on me…I can literally taste the damn food in my mouth! πŸ™‚

  4. Nothing special with the Nasi Lemak, its more to add on side menu to me.Anyway the curry and masak hitam chicken looks delicious.Its been a while didn’t see you cook maybe post 1 next time ;p

  5. For me, the main ingredient that makes nasi lemak taste good is the sambal. If the sambal is good, it has already scored 70/100. Other 30 is for the nasi, ikan masin/bilis and other side dishes.
    Curry ayam is not the important part cos the original version nasi lemak doesn’t included curry ayam.
    I do like SUGARBUN’s nasi lemak. I enjoy their sambal, don’t know about other la. U can go have a try. Can choose with or without curry ayam.
    PS: I am NOT promoting SugarBun here. Just to share my opinion.

  6. Hey Bro, I don’t know how you do it, in case u’re wondering, I’m talking bout sixthseal. Where and How do you find time to do all these updates in such a short while. Base on what i gathered from 6thseal, u’re working full time, u socialize a lot, and you PLAY hard, (not to mention GALS), after all these, yet you still can post up so many updates….!!! Just one word, impressive!!! 6thseal the best! Peace !

  7. essentric: You know, the best nasi lemak I ever had in KL is at the nasi lemak palembang stall at Wisma Genting in Jalan Sultan Ismail. It’s very popular and it’s simply divine!
    DeV|LisH: I am actually going to Kuching this coming Saturday for the long holidays! =D
    Skwermy: Great! We can meet up if you’re in Kuching in June/July. I’ll be heading to Kuching this Saturday too.
    JW: I have always wondered what ayam masak merah and ayam masak hitam actually uses for its gravy…
    Roland: I might if I have access to proper kitchen facilities. Since my parents don’t cook, our kitchen is rather neglected since we all eat out.
    Wilson: I agree (with the sambal thing, not the Sugarbun thing). Sugarbun’s nasi lemak doesn’t do it for me. Their curry chicken rice is good though, and their fish fillet kicks McDonald’s in the ass.
    P/S – I don’t mind anyone promoting Sugarbun since I actually own Sugarbun shares. Seriously, I think I’ve mentioned it before on the blog.
    cynthia: I wonder if it would get through the (in)famous Australian quarantine if it’s frozen before shipping. Probably not coz of the egg and sambal.
    Fa: I have eaten umai made by one of my Melanau friends. I’ve had the commercial stuff in Mukah too. Where is a good place for it in Sibu? I know Little Rock House (?) Cafe advertises it on their menu.
    nightsun: Oh well, at least it’s nostalgic to look at the photos. πŸ˜‰

  8. Myst3: Thanks for the support bro! I missed your comment the first time round coz MT filed it under spam. Just saw it today while spring cleaning.
    Anyway, about – the reason I can do this is coz I don’t sleep much. I have a full time job, social obligations and relationships so after all that is done, I get home at around 12 am, maybe 1 am and I write. I can write pretty fast so probably one entry would take me half an hour or an hour the most (including photos). It’s 2:26 am now and I’m still awake. I wake up at 6:30 am so I get less than 4 hours of sleep each day. Don’t know how long I can keep this up though. πŸ™‚


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