Twin nipple piercings

I did a dual nipple piercing last year. It’s the only piercing I have left since I swallowed my tongue piercing for the umpteenth time (yes, again) and my wrist piercings got infected so I had to take it off. 

twin nipple piercing

I didn’t manage to write about the nipple piercings before since the videos and photos were back in Sibu. I managed to grab the external HDD when I went back home a couple of months ago, so all the assets are with me now! =D

I already had something in mind when I went in – I want both nipples to be pierced, but with a twist (no pun intended). I wanted one to be horizontal and one vertical

twin nipple piercings clamp

I was also adamant about using spiked bars instead of rings, much to the consternation of my attire. I wager the piercings have poked more holes in my clothes than I care to count. πŸ™ 

twin nipple piercings pierce

This piercing is hands down the most uncomfortable piercing I’ve ever done. I’ve had most of my face and various bodily parts pierced with no more than a shrug and a smile. However, my nipples are really sensitive and this piercing was…well, QUITE UNPLEASENT. 

twin nipple piercings done

I had to use both my hands to hold out my shirt so it doesn’t come into contact with the newly pierced nipples when I walked out of the place. It looked like I was attempting to create two imaginary man boobs by tenting up my shirt. :S 

twin nipple piercings

I did the piercings in Sungei Wang, so I got a lot of weird looks…but it sure beats the hell out of constantly wincing from the geli-ness produced from friction between my clothes and the fresh nipple piercings. Heh!

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