High score!

nippon paint studio

I am currently living in a studio apartment. Unlike other studios, this one is standardized – every single frigging room in this suite is EXACTLY the same. Same sofa, same bed, same tables. You know how it is. Even the cursed bed sheets are the same color! I have an ex-gf who lives here too and her place is precisely like mine. 

my studio

Hell, sometimes I get confused whether it’s my place or her place (mine is a bit messier but that’s about it). 

nippon paint dog

I have this side table from my old place that was the only furniture I can lug to my new studio. I just moved less than two weeks ago and I had to use my car to transport fittings. I have a certain attachment to it so I decided to add a dash of personality into my humdrum studio. 

nippon paint painting table

It’s a red table and I want it to be colorful so I enlisted the help of friends and we painted the table to make it more personal. I learned a couple of painting tips in the Nippon Paint workshop a while back but she was the one with the artistic vision (and passion) so I left all art direction in her good hands. 

nippon paint jammie

The painting of the table involved no less than six (6) different Nippon Paint colors.

Nippon Odourlite Gloss Finish
7032T Gold Shadow
6021P Silent Bliss
1102T Jasmine Leaf
281A Liberty Blue
7083D Autumn Blaze

Nippon Odourlite Matt Finish
OW17 1P Mint Scent

I also had Nippon Paint Color Testers which is very useful for small projects like this. There are thousands of colors to choose from and it’s like a sample can of sorts.

She showed me a picture of what she can do to it and it looked amazing. 

nippon paint concept

This is her awesome concept.

Thus, the painting process begins: 

nippon paint yellow

Larger brushes were used for broad strokes… 

nippon paint brush

while finer ones were utilized for detailing. 

nippon paint brushes

Of course, having newspapers around avoids spillage, which is a Bad Thing (TM).

nippon paint process

She penciled in the details before painting freestyle – steady, surgeon hands. πŸ˜‰ 

nippon paint tape

The tape is used to avoid paint from getting onto the sides. 

nippon paint ghost

It doesn’t take long to dry at all if you have sunlight and a nice breeze assisting you. 

nippon paint paint


nippon paint finished


nippon paint table


table done me

It’s an awesome design eh? It only took a weekend and the best thing about the project was the fun factor for people who like to paint! 

table design

Here’s a closer look at the Pac-table. 

table work

I’m lovin’ it. It looks great in my new studio and adds a bit of life to the uniformity (a word I never like) of my apartment. πŸ™‚ 

table studio

It’s a great classic design (Pacman!) with an Easter Egg of sorts beside it and it really motivates me to write with the HIGH SCORE, GET READY! and the sense of urgency, determination and possibilities it conveys.

The Picture of Dorian Gray / Pendidikan Seni


I’m rather proud of this artwork I did. It involved paint, duct tape, brushes, sponges and a lot of prayers to hold it together. It’s an abstract art based on the title of the post so I’ll call this The Picture of Huai Bin.

paint mouth

I’m not known for my artistic skills (understatement of the year). Whenever we had to do Pendidikan Seni (Art) in high school, I would inevitably draw this:


I’m not kidding. I blogged about it back in 2003 in under the absurdly grandiose title Behold, I draw again. πŸ˜‰


One fine Saturday, Nippon Paint invited a bunch of us to the Nippon Paint Workshop at HomeDec ’09, KLCC. I was the first one to arrive so after checking in, I did some recon around the place and found a lot of interesting things such as regal looking porcelain thrones that is more for art’s sake than for actual crapping.


When I wandered back to the Nippon Paint workshop, I saw easels being set up around the area. It seems like we’ll be painting today!


The tables were filled with all sorts of painting paraphernalia – some of which I don’t have names for. Art just isn’t my forte. >.<


I thought someone was just going to shove a paintbrush into my hands and tell me to paint. It’ll be like Pendidikan Seni all over again. It took 15 years of therapy and thousands of dollars in medication to get over that stressful period of my life and I still have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)!


Repressed memories began to resurface and I felt my heart pound and blood rush to my head. Panic attack! Before I tore the hair out of my head and ran screaming out the door, Gladys came in and made us feel welcome with some food and a presentation.


The workshop by Nippon Paint was held to teach us about colors. I don’t just mean red, green and blue but also about how colors affect moods and how to create the ambiance you want. There are warm and cold colors and color combinations that can be manipulated for the purpose you want.


We also learned about how to make our own designs with a variety of materials. I was amazed by how a little self-painted art can really accentuate a wall, room, or space. I saw this pattern that was done to highlight a wall and cover a beam. It was inspiring! It really got me interested in being creative and adding a motif to my future living room wall.

I gleaned a lot of information from the presentation but my particular interest is in this color:



Passion, fire, energy, courage
Defiance, aggression

You should never paint a meeting room red or office disputes might just explode to a whole new level, with disastrous consequences. It is a contentious color for the bedroom – it ignites passion, but also arguments.


However, I’m partial to red (notice my banner and my phoenix tattoo) due to the symbology associated with it. Studies have actually shown that it has a physical effect – increasing the respiration rate, raising blood pressure and making your heart beat faster.
I’ll tell you why I want red later.

nippon paint teach

Okay, with the presentation over and the basics ingrained (well, at least not totally lost) we were led by the friendly Nippon Paint staff to our easels and started working on our canvas!


I cut sponges into eye shapes with scissors

duct tape

I used duct tape artistically to define zones

paint face

I used multiple sizes of paint brushes to color my canvas


I mixed colors and washed paint brushes with water


Hell, I even squeezed paint straight from the tube onto the easel

duct tape out

I almost felt like Van Gogh (except my left ear lobe is still intact and I haven’t succumbed to mental illness…yet) doing all that.


I loved the session so much I lugged my piece of art back home to Kelana Jaya on the LRT at the expense of my back. I seriously felt the need to paint and make beautiful things (which is very subjective, ya know :p) for the first time in my life! I already have a project in mind…I’m going to paint my work table! =D

my painting

That’s why I wanted the color red, I’m going to blog from that table and all the positive attributes are the things I want happening when I’m typing out a post. I’ll face my Pendidikan Seni fears and do a little design on the table while I’m at it too!


Hmm…now what creepy sketch should I do? πŸ˜‰

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