Cosa Nostra

cosa nostra

“Our thing”

right hand man

Of course, being the Capo di tutti capi requires the obligatory female companion and a very strong right hand man. πŸ˜‰


2002: University life. This was when USB cell phone chargers were a bit of a novelty item. Old skool. πŸ˜‰
2003: I moved into my place in KL – it’s a small bedroom costing RM 350 per month. It fits one bed (single) and one desk (small).
2004: Limited Edition Shell mineral water and a post about the new employees at work. I was dating one of them (there’s only one female) and this was the relationship that taught me it’s a Bad Idea (TM) to be dating someone in the same office.
2005: Witty (IMHO) post about oyster pancake.
2006: Project MISER. The start of the popular Project MISER series of posts where I attempt to survive on just RM 250 a month. There are three posts.

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