Pepsi Fire and Pepsi Ice

pepsi fire pepsi ice

Pepsi came out with two new additions to their range of drinks. It comes in a pair – Pepsi Fire and Pepsi Ice. Pepsi Fire is billed as Cola on Fire
and images on the can depict a “hot” theme, with fiery red color
schemes and fonts. Pepsi Ice on the other hand goes with the “cold”
theme, and it’s billed as Ice Mint Cola, with crystals and such to contribute to a cool theme.

Pepsi Fire has an intense amber color and two
people commented that it has a warm note, much like drinking Chivas
Regal with coke. I didn’t notice that at first myself, but then again,
my taste buds aren’t all that pristine. I did notice a slight hint of
strange warmth as I drank it though, and it tastes like regular Pepsi
spiked with alcohol.

pepsi fire ice drink

Pepsi Ice on the other hand is artificially blue in
color. There are a lot of X Ice offerings out there e.g. 7-Up Ice,
Sprite Ice etc, just to name a few. Pepsi Ice differentiates itself
with hints of mint though – you can really taste the cooling mint
element in the drink. I prefer the color of Pepsi Fire though; X Ice
has been done to death…

pepsi fire ice mix

Now, the next test is to mix equal portions of Pepsi Fire and Pepsi
Ice to create a Pepsi Fire and Ice drink. πŸ™‚ I had wanted to do that
ever since I saw the ads for the drinks a while ago – it seemed like
the natural thing to do.

pepsi fire ice violet

I first filled a glass with a quarter of Pepsi Fire and then put in
an equal amount of Pepsi Ice. The color changed from amber to purple
and settled to a slightly clear violet colored concoction. It tasted
like…well, Pepsi.

pepsi fire ice fire

Pepsi Fire and Ice could rejuvenate the sex industry – temperature
differential fellatio (or hot and cold blowjobs as experts refer to it)
where the working lady swaps in an ice cube could be replaced with a
can of Pepsi Fire and another of Pepsi Ice before administration in
sequence. πŸ˜‰

pepsi fire

Pepsi Fire. Feel the burn!

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