I hate Sibu

sibu medical

It hasn’t been an hour since I arrived at Sibu and I hate it already. I’m sorry to say it, but I hate Sibu. I hate everything about it.

sibu medical bed

Sibu is just so…Chinese. I can’t read or write Chinese so the Chinese signs irks me. I’m starting to loathe this place and the people.

sibu medical nurse

I don’t know why or how I got this way. Perhaps I’m in my depressive mood and the sheer Sibu-ness of Sibu just gets to me. I don’t think I can stay here and work.

sibu medical nurse call

It hasn’t been an hour and I already abhor the idea of staying here.

sibu medical oxygen

I don’t know if Sibu has changed (probably not) or it’s me who’s changed but I can’t stand it anymore.

sibu medical pack

I didn’t know it was possible to change someone in a month, Steph.

sibu medical sign

I hate it when Sibu people don’t wait until people get out of an elevator before pushing in.

sibu medical tv

I used to do that too coz I’m from Sibu and I’m supposed to be rude and uncouth (or did I pick up the elevator trick from KL?).

sibu medical ward

Did my Sibu-ness drive you away? I’ll never know coz you’re not answering my calls.

I hate Sibu.

The pure, unadulterated Chinese-ness of this place is depressing and it’s driving me insane.

…or maybe I just hate MYSELF.


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