Tambun Trust

tambun trust

I am blessed (or cursed depending on how you look at it) with an innate trust in a lot of things. I guess that’s why a lot of shit doesn’t faze me. Shit being of course defined by situations where you need to have faith in something e.g. a bungee cord or your chute.

I was at The Lost World of Tambun just now, egging the staff to give us a good hard kick down the water slide, so it’ll be more exciting. I was riding tandem with a stranger coz the ride requires two. It appears that we went too fast coz halfway down, the rubber inflatable flipped inside the dark crevices of the water slide.

I felt my nipple piercings snag inside the dark slide so I moved my elbows up. I didn’t feel scared, not even slightly concerned…coz to be honest, what’s the worst that can happen? Give me a scrape or two?

Thus, I let go and even smiled at the guy above me, who happens to be this really enthusiastic 38 year old cell group leader in church and cracked that now is probably a good time to believe in your Jesus.

He probably can’t see me coz of the dark tunnel but the difference between us is that he panicked and fought to stop the inevitable momentum while I just let go and trusted.

I banged my head three (3) times against the metal slide and probably lost 10 IQ points in the process while he had abrasions from fighting the ride.

I got some Indian burns too but despite my mini concussions and coming out ass backwards, I got up grinning coz I HAD FUN. He was quite shaken about the entire thing.

That’s the thing about trust. I trust in the ride and he didn’t.

Despite knocking myself senseless, I had fun! =D

I doubt he did. It’s just a ride, it’s not like doing a HALO jump and passing out from decompression sickness before you can pull the cord. πŸ™‚

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