Planes (no trains) and automobiles

Here’s a quick summary of today before I promptly fall asleep. I
shall do a proper post and reply all comments tomorrow, for I fear that
I’m too sedated to do that now.

kch checkin ld

I checked in at Kuching airport. The place was uncharacteristically full.

airport air mata kuching

I figured it would be appropriate to quench my thirst with a cup of Air Mata Kuching before boarding.

fokker 50

The plane was a Fokker 50. It’s one of them relics that do short
haul flights and pack you like sardines. It has been dubbed the Fucker
50 due to this unfortunate seating arrangements, though I don’t use
that term myself. It was related to me when I flew to Penang with some
other classmates and a teacher when I was 12 for a national quiz.

ld air shot

There were twisty artsy (fartsy) designs when the plane was in the
air. Nothing new, was just perfecting the shot to get an optimal one
depicting Rejang River and the outlet to the sea. Yes, I do this every
time I fly.

ld welcome sibu

I arrived at Sibu, picked up my gf, dropped in to check on my
pharmacy friend, acquired some lormetazepam (not lorazepam, this one is
different), ate some of them, drank beer and had dinner with gf, and
now I fear that the hypnotic properties of lormetazepam (Noctamid) has
been potentiated with some red wine from a Chinese New Year hamper I
found in the store (which automagically makes it mine, since I’m the
only drinker in the family and no one else would drink it anyway).

I’m afraid I shall have to continue this tomorrow. Good night, dear
readers, sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Oh, and roll to
your side, just to be safe.

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