I was showing my girlfriend pictures of Melbourne that I took using a video out cable. Pretty
nifty, allows you to see the pictures on a large TV screen instead of the small inbuilt LCD screen.
Terrible refresh rates though. Anyway, I met up with Daniel, Johnny, May Ling and Susie at UCA
foodcourt at around 9:30 pm for supper.

From left: Daniel, Me, Johnny

From left: Me, May Ling, Susie

I had a steaming bowl of hot noodles. There was a lot of people there coz it is a Friday night.
Which reminds me, I only have two more days in Sibu before I have to head back again. I better turn
in now coz I’ve not been getting enough sleep these few days. I can’t even form concise sentences
because my brain is trying to quit on me even after helping myself to coffee just now. Heh.

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