The Last Supper

Restoran Mubeen

I went for supper last night with Danny and Prem. I think it was
supper anyway, although it could have been breakfast or lunch or even
dinner from the night before since I haven’t had anything to eat for a
while. We were at Restoran Mubeen and I managed to choke down a plate
of maggie mee goreng. No fault of the place, mind. It’s just that my
appetite hasn’t been exactly rampaging for a while.


This is us at Mubeen. L-R: Prem, me, Danny. I actually tried
to cancel at the last minute, because I…er, overextended myself
*cough* and I had a flight the next day (which is today) so I needed to
go to the airport at 5:30 am. Danny won’t hear any of it though and I’m
glad I went.

Which reminds me, the following three pictures was taken by him while we were eating at Mubeen:

Danny does Prem.

This is me. I hear I’ve been slurring my words, so I may not have been the most sober person in the world at that time.

This is a random shot of the area around where we were.

Anyway, Restoran Mubeen’s opening hours expired, so we moved over to the next place – Restoran/Kafe Chinonee.

Restoran.Kafe (they couldn’t decide which one they wanted to be) Chinonee.

Prem and Danny are really nice people to talk to and it’s great to
hang out in a non-workplace context, it allows for much more
interesting conversation. πŸ˜‰ Here’s a shot of us at Chinonee:


L-R: Me, Danny, Prem. Chinonee closed up after a while so we
headed back. It was good catching up with them. I didn’t know where the
next couple of hours went though coz the next time I looked at the
clock it was nearly 5 am and I realized that not everything was packed
so I threw the rest into a big suitcase and obviously got to the
airport in time, coz I’m blogging from Sibu now. πŸ™‚

Excuse me, I shall reply all comments and post again tomorrow. I’ve
gone without sleep for a while and Newton is insisting that I observe
his law ever since yesterday so I’m afraid I’ll have to comply with his
unfortunately irrefutable law. I shall attempt to drive now to pick up
my completely legitimate 2 x 2 mg clonazepam daily script. Remind me to
cabut if I get into an accident because I’m sleep deprived and probably
won’t pass any thorough investigation should a formal inquisition be
made. πŸ˜‰


I was showing my girlfriend pictures of Melbourne that I took using a video out cable. Pretty
nifty, allows you to see the pictures on a large TV screen instead of the small inbuilt LCD screen.
Terrible refresh rates though. Anyway, I met up with Daniel, Johnny, May Ling and Susie at UCA
foodcourt at around 9:30 pm for supper.

From left: Daniel, Me, Johnny

From left: Me, May Ling, Susie

I had a steaming bowl of hot noodles. There was a lot of people there coz it is a Friday night.
Which reminds me, I only have two more days in Sibu before I have to head back again. I better turn
in now coz I’ve not been getting enough sleep these few days. I can’t even form concise sentences
because my brain is trying to quit on me even after helping myself to coffee just now. Heh.

3 AM supper run

I was feeling particularly hungry just now, so I decided to head out to see if there are any
more food stalls open. It was already 2:45 am by that time so I wasn’t expecting the Pedada food
stalls to be still open. Pedada is the nearest place that I can get food, and sure enough, all the
shops were already closed when I got there.

I decided to head out to town since there are several kopitiams that are 24 hour operations in
town. I found one near the Pintu Gerbang roundabout.

It’s called Orient Canteen and in all these years, I’ve never eaten there before. I ordered some
fried noodles to go. Interestingly, there was a boy there washing the plates and glasses. He
couldn’t be more than 8 years old and he’s still wearing his school uniform. I wonder why he’s
still up at 3 am in the morning on a school day. At that time, there were only three other
customers, all sitting alone. One of them sat there eating his fried noodles without once ever
looking up. The other person is clearly demented, for he held an animated conversation (complete
with waving chopsticks) with thin air. In fact, he barely touched his food, and seemed to be more
content talking to nobody in particular. The third guy, which looks like an old gangster, was just
sitting there with a beverage, looking at the road. The 3 o’ clock crowd is not what one would call
pleasant dinner companions. Heh.

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