Pringles bowling!

pringles dancers

Yup, you heard right. I saw a loooonnng line of people queuing up at 1 Utama and jumped into the queue. *kepoh*

pringles bowling

It’s Pringles bowling!


There’s a huge “bowling ball” made of foam which you’re supposed to drive down an alley (no throwing) using your hands. The “bowling pins” are soft cans of mock Pringles.

victory dance

Everyone gets a can of Pringles for participating…but if you actually manage a strike (down all the pins) or get a spare (down all the pins with two attempts – the most you’re allowed) there will be a group of dancers who comes out and celebrates with you.

Take a look at this video!

pringles bowling pins

It’s a very “feel good” event – no purchase necessary, they’re just giving them out and letting the mall crowd play Pringles bowling too.

bowling dance

It’s an awesome idea. I don’t know who came out with it but it’s one of the most interesting things I’ve seen.

pringles pins

I tried it out when it was my turn to bowl and unfortunately didn’t manage a strike.

bowling pringles

My second attempt masuk longkang. -_-


However, the people were kind enough to hand me two cans of Pringles anyway, which is what you’ll get if you manage to successfully bowl over all the pins.

dance skit

This is exactly the sort of thing that goes viral very quickly. I Whatsapped a friend of mine and told her about it. I heard that the Sunday turnout was a lot higher than Saturday too – the Pringles bowling event was held at the LG Oval of 1 Utama over two days.

old man

The dancers have several different routines for a strike. I saw them pull a (rather unwilling) old man when he managed to get a strike. The man was reluctant at first, as most Malaysians are, but warmed up quickly and started dancing together with the crew. Haha!

human bowling

That’s not the best part! When a little kid comes up to bowl, the dance crew will act as the bowling pins (!!!) and fall on cue.

I thought that was very sweet of them.

kid bowling

In the spirit of giveaways, I passed a friend of mine the two Pringles that I won during lunch just now. Sharing is the name of the game.

joyce hb ryan

It really made my weekend to see all this. It’s not just the novel idea of bowling with Pringles but how they executed it – with human bowling pins for children so they could win two cans of crispy goodness. It’s an opportunity for kids (and kids at heart) to have some fun while at the mall.

humans bowled over

I hope to see more of this in the future. I was there with Joyce and bumped into Ryan. Thanks for an excellent diversion and fun times on a lazy Sunday afternoon! 🙂

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