McDonald’s Prosperity Burger Chicken and Prosperity Desserts

prosperity burger chicken banner

McDonalds’s is having their inaugural promotional burger – the Prosperity Burger
to commemorate the Chinese New Year celebrations. The Prosperity Burger
is an elongated burger with a beef patty (chicken this year) saturated
with black pepper sauce and onions.

prosperity burger chicken stand

The Prosperity Burger 2006 now implements a chicken
patty instead of a beef patty, which makes sense from a marketing point
of view – a chicken burger would have a larger demographic compared to
a beef patty (missing out on the Hindu market).

prosperity burger chicken menu

Everyone eats chicken except vegetarians and vegans, but those
people shouldn’t be going to McDonald’s anyway. 😉 The recent years has
watched a shift in the Prosperity Burger set from just the burger
itself to the introduction of curly fries (first debut in ’94 as a side
order with the Sambal Burger, and yes I’m such a McDonald’s geek :p).

prosperity burger chicken 2006

The past two years has also witnessed the introduction of the
tagline “Enjoy the Many Tastes of Prosperity” with the whole range of
the Prosperity Burger set as well as “Prosperity Desserts”. The Orange
McFizz (Sprite with Minute Maid OJ) comes standard with the meal and
there are orange themed desserts – the Peach Orange sundae and the
Peach Orange McFlurry with come under the banner of Prosperity Desserts.

prosperity burger chicken twister fries

Twister Fries replaces the standard fries in this
Prosperity Burger meal. It’s a twisty version of fries that seems like
it has been dunked into the deep fryer more than once, giving it a
crispy outer layer. It’s great, especially when you bite straight
through the spiral, spawning multiple mini Twister Fries. 🙂

prosperity burger chicken orange mcfizz

This is the Orange McFizz – a relatively recent
introduction which sees the mixture of Minute Maid orange juice with
Sprite. It tastes surprisingly good (and it has Vitamin C) and it has
earned its place in McDonald’s permamenu. It’s now paired with the
Prosperity Burger meal to complete the orange themed spirit (Mandarin
oranges and orange = gold = wealth).

prosperity burger orange sundae

This is the Peach Orange sundae (RM 2.80) which
comes in an orange swirl of colors, with the abstract orange syrup
adorning the entire circumference of the sundae cup and with the
presentation topped off with Mandarin orange pieces and peach chunks.

prosperity burger orange mcflurry

The Peach Orange McFlurry (RM 4.50) is the McFlurry
version of the Peach Orange sundae. It tastes the same and also has the
orange and peach pieces blended into the concoction, giving it the
distinctive orange hue.

prosperity burger chicken

This is the main feature of the meal – the Prosperity Burger
(RM 9.88). It didn’t come in the Prosperity Burger wrapper coz it’s
probably too early on and I berated them for not having it yesterday
even though they were advertising it (partly due to the fact that I had
to search for a parking space and thus, I took it out on them ;)). The
burger didn’t look too good, and there must have been a mess up
somewhere coz I KNOW for a fact that Prosperity Burger has always had
onions – raw onions at that, that’s why I love them.

prosperity burger chicken onions

The Prosperity Burger didn’t have the thick slathering of black
pepper sauce that was in all the previous iterations of the Prosperity
Burger and the square cut chicken patty looks so familiar it evoked a
strong feeling of déjà vu…and then it clicked! It’s the EXACT same
patty used in the McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Foldover [] that tanked! They’re reusing the exact same patty for the Prosperity Burger!

prosperity burger chicken bite

Dammit McDonald’s, you McSwindled me… :p

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