Rainy days

kasuma resort

Rainy days and melancholic tunes, driving down a tree lined street
under gray cloudy skies on a weekday morning, as the light drizzle
joins the soft refrain of the forlorn female vocals…

It’s beautiful…

rainy days

Download: Rainy days [sixthseal.com]

The photo above shows Kasuma Resort – the premier lakeside suite in Kuching where we went on a site visit this morning.

Anyway, I finally got around to putting a recent photo of myself in
the “About me” section in the sidebar. This was taken a couple of
minutes ago, to replace the previous one which was meant for
castitas.com. I must say though, I’m very tardy in updating the static
intro pages – the most recent update was nearly half a year ago! The
daily posts is where the new content is.

Accident: Car fell into drain

petanak accident

This is a photo I took of one of many accidents in Kuching last
night due to the less than optimal weather. It was raining cats and
dogs and I wasn’t sober as usual, so like I said, I’m the last choice
for the designated driver always. πŸ˜‰ Ah Lung was driving and I was in
the car with him and Miriam when we saw this accident. He was kind
enough to turn back and let me get a snapshot of this. It’s a white car
going into a drain with a crane trying to extract the car from the mess
it got itself into. The front part was rather damaged. The photo
quality isn’t optimal due to lighting conditions (dark) and atmospheric
issues (heavy rain).

Shooting in the rain


I went to the city this morning to update my plane ticket. Just
three more days till I leave Melbourne for good. I went on a photo
shoot around the CBD area and got most of the landmarks. Memories.
Unfortunately, today’s weather was bad for photography. It was cloudy
and drizzling constantly. I had to keep on wiping the lens to avoid
droplets of water getting into the frame but the foggy weather still
made photos blurry at the horizon. Surprisingly, I saw another person
taking photos at Federation Square (the relatively new weird looking
building opposite Flinders Street Station). She saw me before I saw her
though, and grinned. It is funny, quite coincidental to have two people
taking photos while it’s drizzling at Federation Square. Dedication. πŸ˜‰


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