What is wrong with this picture?

stone age sunflower kernels

This is a container of Stone Age sunflower kernel chocolate candies. It’s a product of Korea.

stone age candies

Here’s what the multi-colored chocolate coated sunflower kernels looks like.

Q: What’s wrong with this picture?
A: Product may contain traces of nuts. πŸ˜‰

Note: Ionamin 30 (30 mg phentermine resin capsules) should never
under any circumstances be ingested…unless you have nothing else.
*sigh* It’s dirty as fuck, and you’ll regret it very much. It takes a
very desperate tweaker (the kind that looks around the floor for any
dropped bits of crystal meth when the stash is finished) to resort to
the appallingly inferior phentermine and you will feel very ashamed of
yourself afterwards. It’s also very hard on the cardiovascular system,
since you’ll have to take high doses to get slightly stimulated (if you
have tolerance, personally I have to grind up 8 capsules (240 mg – this
is not a dosage guide!)) and that barely gives me the wanted effects
and each booster dose drives you closer to Paranoia, Population
378,378. It’s even worse than methamphetamine in that sense, and it’s
very likely that you’ll start thinking that the ink stain on your hand
is a nasty insect (visuals starts early with this one) and jump while
trying to brush it off frantically.

Currently thinking: “Why, oh why, did I finish the weekend’s ration of crystal meth so quickly?”

Also thinking: “What are the fucking chances of two contacts
being arrested a week apart? God? Can you hear me? I’m running out of
contacts for crystal meth! Please send down half a gram using your much
lauded Devine Lightning Logistics (DLL) Private Limited (TM) delivery
system. God? You there? Have thou forsaken me? Your only Son!”

/me dodges the wrathful smiting hand of God.

God: That’s enough blasphemy for one day. Don’t make me come down there and rip you a new one, asshole! Oh, and it was my
divine work *preens* that’s striking the fear of God (that’s yours
truly) into the hearts of dealers in Kuching by the insistent string of
arrests. Your new contact is also in jail. Should you attempt to source
another one tonight, it is my Divine Will that you will be next to join
them. Just eat those damned Ionamin capsules, they are part of my
divine creation too, ignorant mortal, and I’m rather proud of them, so
you should be too. Be content with what you have! Bo hu, he mah eh sai,
right? Go to church tomorrow, and repent for your sins and I’ll take
your request into my divine consideration. Go forth, and I will make
you fishers of meth! Oops…I mean, fishers of men. My bad.

Disclaimer: Obviously the conversation with God did not take
place (it’s called embellishment), thus by inference and extrapolation,
everything else in this post is fictional too. Ignore the logical
fallacy in the previous statement. I, upstanding citizen of Malaysia,
has never touched methamphetamine in my life. I also do not possess any
other illicit drugs or controlled substances without a valid
prescription. The image above is Photoshopped.

It doesn’t look Photoshopped and you don’t have the skillz to do that kind of thing anyway!

Okay, so it’s not Photoshopped, but I have a valid prescription for Ionamin. It’s for…er, my obesity.

You’re not even fat!!!

Well, there you go. The wonders of modern medicine.

Pentazocine experience and thoughts

Fortwin tablets (scanned) containing 25 mg pentazocine HCl each.

Guest writer veritas [sixthseal.com] reporting for duty. I’m back as promised. πŸ™‚

These are Fortwin tablets, made by Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals in India.
Unlike most pentazocine tablet formulations, Fortwin tablets do not
have Naloxone (an opiate antagonist, basically nullifies the “good”
effects of opiates). Technically, this makes it more euphoric and also
makes the tablets injectable. Fortwin tabs is the only formulation that
contains the lactate injectable form of pentazocine and is much sought after.
The Malaysian list of approved pharmaceuticals does not include pentazocine
only tablets (it only has pentazocine for injections in vials) so I was puzzled at
how my pharmacist managed to get a hold of these.

Anyway, he told me that these were supposed to be cleared out ages
ago, but the expiry date was still valid (expires next year) and he
only had 8 tablets of 25 mg pentazocine hydrocloride each, so he just
left it in the stock room. These are from India, the tablets have
“FORTWIN” imprinted on the front and “RANBAXY” on the back. There is a
single score running down the back of the tablets and they appear to be
off-white, with blue specks.

Well, since he only has 8 of them left, he sold it to me for RM 0.80
each, instead of the list price of RM 1.50. I just happened to stumble
across these while looking around my friend’s stock room for
recreational offerings from The Wonderful World of Pharmaceuticals.
I’ve heard of pentazocine before as one of the lesser known opiate
agonists (or opioids to be more accurate) and I’ve read of DXM type
disassociative effects dominating the opiate type effects at higher
doses. An aside for new readers, I have a friend who owns a pharmacy,
so I do not need prescriptions for prescription drugs.

Fortwin by Ranbaxy tablets photo.

Anyway, since the 8 tablets total only 200 mg, I could not
experiement with the 300 mg and 400 mg doses quoted as necessary for
producing DXM type reactions, so my experience was with pentazocine as
an opiate agonist. I took 200 mg on an empty stomach and potentiated it
(as I assumed all opiates can be potentiated) with benzodiazepines – 3
mg alprazolam and 20 mg diazepam. I am sufficiently experienced with
benzodiazepines (very sadly so) so I could differentiate the effects. I
wrote this:

it’s like codeine but qualitatively “dreamier”, more “smacky”,
and stronger than an equal dose, i’ll say comparable to 350 – 400 mg
stuck to bed
late histamine release – 3 h?
“heavy” feeling more than codeine
it makes a buzzing sound when on and no buzzing sound when off

Well, many hours later (after the opiate effects were tapering off)
I found it very hard to go to sleep. I took some more benzos (50 mg
diazepam) but sleep was unattainable even after 3 hours. I had rather
strange “thought loops” and very minor “flanging” as I lay there with
my eyes closed…almost like a 3rd plateau DXM trip, although obviously
with much, much less intensity. Whether this is possible with just 200
mg of pentazocine or not is questionable, and I could not obtain any
more pentazocine only (without naloxone) tablets to repeat the
experiement, so take the DXM part as just an aside.

Anyway, I did not know the exact time I fell asleep, but it was
about T+ 10 or more. Oh, and by the way, I’m benzodiazepine tolerant so
the diazepam wouldn’t have helped much. Well, Fortwin (pentazocine
hydrocloride) tablets seems to be a fun compound – I mean the Ranbaxy
manufactured ones without any nasty opiate antagonists. It’s a little
different from codeine and dihydrocodeine, pentazocine has its own
strange character, but it’s not comparable with the higher end opiates
like oxycodone or heroin if you’re wondering.

I do not know the LD50 values for pentazocine, but 200 mg (verified)
doses does not kill if that helps. πŸ˜‰ It’s funny, this pentazocine –
it’s classified as a benzomorphan (what an interesting name) or
benzazocine. The US formulation of Talwin contains naloxone if I’m not
mistaken, but if you find this Ranbaxy Fortwin tablets, give them a
test drive*, it’s certainly something different and interesting. πŸ™‚ I
would love to hear if anyone has experience with 300-400 mg doses and
noticed effects consistant with dextromethorphan.

*This only applies to existing recreational drug users who are
willing to experiment. sixthseal.com does not promote drug use –
illicit or otherwise and does not condone such activities to people who
are not already aquainted with or part of the diverted pharmaceuticals
or illicit substance use scene.

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