Red Tea Road Ice Shop

red tea road ice shop

This is the Red Tea Road Ice Shop located in 3rd
Mile Bazaar, Kuching. There’s another branch of the Red Tea Road Ice
Shop/Hong Kong Restaurant chain near where I work, but for reasons
unfathomable even to myself, we headed over to the one at 3rd Mile

red tea industry

The Red Tea Road Ice Shop just started operations when we got there,
but things seem to be looking suitable industrious in the ice tea
preparation center.

red tea people

The outcrop balcony seating arrangements were (again) suitable well
populated with people. If I may, can I please redirect your eyes to the
two ladies sitting closest to the digital camera?

red tea tattoo

In particular, I would like to highlight this tattoo that one of the
girls had on her. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on
to Red Tea Road Ice Road drink offerings…

red tea lime

I had two drinks – this is from the Brewed Ice Tea menu…Golden
Lime (RM 3.00). It’s bubble tea without the bubbles (the sago pearls,
rather) and its not ice blended. It’s alright, but for maximum heat
dissipation, I would recommend…

red tea plum

…the Red Plum Ice Blended Tea (RM 3.50 with optional sago pearls).
It’s ice blended, and it’s made with plums, that sour fruit that is
strangely thirst quenching in its own peculiar way…

red tea empty

It’s perfect for the hot weather these days too…aggressive
behavior and “sexually abusive” impulses can be curbed with a little
bit of 0 degree Celsius water. šŸ˜‰

P/S – Read today’s The Star to get that last one.

Jesus, I’m pimping the paper and I’m not getting paid for it… šŸ˜‰

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