Room 205 cafe @ Padungan


Room two0five cafe is the latest concept cafe to
hit Padungan. It’s nestled between a fruit store that’s been around
since the dawn of time and a dentist (which has also probably been
around since forever and a day).

room 205

The address of the Room 205 is coincidentally, 205
Jalan Padungan. The counter is (still) decorated with festive
Valentine’s Day cheer and there are bottles of fruit juice concoctions
neatly arranged on the sides.


Room 205 cafe is cozy and has a warm ambience which suits the small
enclosure. There are high backed seats on one side of the place and
more comfortable sofa type seating on the other.


The tables are lined with purple bamboo mats which suit the entire
color scheme of the place. Glasses of water are presented with the
menu, which is a nice touch. The menu runs the entire repertoire of
appetizers to desserts and you’ll be spoilt for choice at this place.


Oysters on Ice (RM 24.90)
Served on a bed of crushed ice with a lemon wedge.


This is what we had for the appetizer – its fresh large oysters on a
bed of crushed ice with lemon and Tabasco sauce. It’s fresh and it’s
nice to see eating establishments serve proper oysters for once.


Warm Tandoori Chicken Caesar Salad (RM 8.90)
Fresh Romaine Lettuce tossed in our homemade Caesar dressing.

foot sausage

1 Foot Long Sausage (RM 4.90)
I expected it to come out in a foot long dish, but the poor thing was sliced into four. ;)


Grilled Salmon Fillet (RM 22.90)
Topped with homemade Japanese sauce and served with tempura veggies and mashed potato.

I think we were the only patrons there that night and the service
was alright but surprisingly they forgot one of our items – the
American Club Sandwich (which comes with a choice of white or whole
meal bread). The salmon was alright (thought a bit overdone) and it was
filling so we didn’t ask for it and went straight to the dessert:

banana bonkers

Banana Bonkers (RM 15.90)
Cocoa crepes wrapped with fresh banana, flanked by chocolate, raspberry
and vanilla ice-cream, topped with colored rice, crushed peanuts,
whipped cream, waffle fan, chocolate sauce and caramelized banana.

It was huge alright…the crepe filled the entire dinner plate and it took a lot of effort on our part to finish it.

Sugar overdose!

Seriously though, Room 205 has a large menu with more esoteric items
like savory crepes with customization options at a very reasonable
price. The oysters are great too; and the Banana Bonkers dessert comes
highly recommended from me.

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