The Friday Five on Saturday

I forgot to do the Friday Five [] yesterday, so here it is – a
day late and none the worse for wear.

1. Where were you born? Sibu, Sarawak. Sarawak is in Malaysia.

2. If you still live there, where would you rather move to? If you don’t live there, do you
want to move back? Why or why not?
Well, technically I live in Melbourne coz I spend most of my
time over there. That is because I’m enrolled in a university in Melbourne. I come back to Sibu every time my
semester break starts, so I spend a healthy chuck of my time in Sibu as well. After graduating,
I’m planning to do my post grad studies in the United States before coming back and working
either in KL or Singapore. Tentative plans of course, anything could change.

3. Where in the world do you feel the safest? I feel safe everywhere.

4. Do you feel you are well-traveled? I’ve been to Malaysia (obviously), Singapore, New
Zealand, Australia and Indonesia. That doesn’t qualify me as being well-traveled but I do love

5. Where is the most interesting place you’ve been? Rotorua [] in the Bay of Plenty, New
Zealand. It’s like a hot springs resort town and the air permanently smells of sulfur. I went
there for my first landing in ’93. I had PR status in New Zealand. Me and my dad went to this
hot pool and there were pools going up to 50 degrees! Unfortunately, there was a sign there
saying that it’s not advisable for people under 13 to use the higher temperature hot pools. This
puzzled me slightly, until it was explained that high temperatures might arrest the growth of
the testes and probably kill a bucket load of sperm as well. The horror.

This picture was taken in ’93. I’m in the spa equipped in every room of the motel we stayed in
Rotorua. I was around 13 at that time.

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