Semester One Results 2002

I had thought that the results will come out tomorrow instead of today. It seems that I have
gotten my internal clock jumbled up, because I only realized today was the 18th when I was woken up
by a call from my dad. Without any particular vigor, I pulled myself out of bed and logged online
to check my results.

Subject Grade Mark
CSE2200 C 68
CSE3208 P 50
CSE3400 N 9
CSE3420 N 7
CSE3510 P 50

C = Credit P = Pass N = Fail
I don’t know if I’m supposed to be happy or disappointed. At least I only failed two, which is
good. I was expecting to fail CSE3208 as well. But I’m puzzled at my dismal marks for CSE3510. I
was expecting more than just a bare pass. I’m sure I did well for my written exam and I couldn’t
have done that badly for my second assignment. Oh well. At least I got credit for my core subject.
The rest are electives. I took three cores last semester, so I only have one this semester. The
astoundingly mediocre marks for both CSE3420 and CSE3400 is a source of entertainment too. If
you’re gonna fail, you might as well do it right, neh? =D

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