Men At Work


I took this photo below Caulfield B Block after my tutorials today.
I like the way the construction people cut slopes into the sandy
ground. It kinda aligns with the steps in the backdrop.


I see that the convocation ceremony is today for some people too. It
feels strange watching them mill around with their families in their
graduation regalia. I’ll be doing that soon too since this is my final
semester. I just have one last month left. πŸ™‚



Our halls just installed a couple of new microwaves today. It’s
shiny and the time setting mechanism is a dial instead of a push
button. The faster you turn the dial the faster the time goes (for
heating up your stuff)> I was like wah…

Brass Monkeys Consulting

My network connection was down for practically the whole day yesterday. Thus,
I have decided to sleep early and wake up early today to prepare for the final ITPM presentation. I
woke up bright an early at 8 am and headed down to my campus to rehearse with my other team

Group 702: Brass Monkeys Consulting

From left: Poh Huai Bin, Dan Chandrasoma, Sheralyn D’Rose, Bela Farbas

I think we did pretty well in the presentation, but there was a group with an
impressively feature packed product though. Good thing the marks are not scaled…at least I hope
they’re not. =D Anyway, I had to wake up early yesterday too. It seems that my National [] bank account has been
overdraft to the amount of A$11.12 (don’t ask me why a savings account can be over drafted).
Since I already have a Commonwealth bank account (my main account now), I’ve
decided to close the National one. The only branch around here is in Clayton town. There was one
in the campus center last time, but it has closed and the space is now occupied by the Business
Systems laboratory.

Well, I also got to eat the Beef Salsa Burger, which is part of McDonald’s
ever changing New Tastes Menu
[]. It tasted like the old Italian Romano Burger (part of their Tastes of the
World Menu) to me, and the burger is rather small-ish too. I’ll go for a Big Mac or Filet-O-Fish
over it any day.

Link of the day: Firebugs threaten mosque

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

And then?

I had to attend a WIER research study today. It was held on the 7th floor
of S block and the view out of the windows is amazing. I could see right
to the CBD and Yarra River was visible too. That was not why I was there
though. I’ve been requested to attend the WIER research study to improve
the site. WIER stands for Web Industrial Experience Resource and it should
be noted that I am part of the IE team that is actually going to make the
modifications to WIER. I’m rather puzzled as to why we’re asked to attend
since there is a potential conflict of interest. We as the developers
would obviously like the features on the “To Be Added” list to be kept to
a minimum. Anyway, the study only took 30 minutes and it involves me
answering a couple of questions while a tape recorder was running and
doing a couple of tasks in WIER while a video camera recorded the screen.
I got A$10 for participating in the research. A$10 for 30 minutes…hmm, I
just realized that’s the highest wage I’ve gotten to date. Little known
fact about me: I worked part time for a short stint at a Chinese
restaurant last year. The wages are really shitty (below legal minimum
wage) but the upshot is you don’t pay any tax. I did not stay long though,
because I could not write any Chinese and all the cooks can read is
Chinese. My poor Cantonese didn’t help matters either. =D


I’ve just had a discussion with my Industrial Experience supervisor
regarding the Christmas vacation period and it seems that going back will
be out of the question for most people because the workload will be pretty
hefty right around then. I’m aware that Industrial Experience does not
follow uni holidays since it’s supposed to provide a one year working
experience in software development and project management. Oh well, we’ll
see how it goes. I’ve just noticed that half the semester is gone and
there will be a lot of assignments due soon. Bummer.

Anyway, I was taking the train back at around 9 pm today after working on
the IE project in the labs. Interestingly, I saw three policemen (one of
them was female but for the sake of being politically correct) board the
train at Caulfield and get off at Clayton. I’ve never seen police use
public transport before. They were still in their uniform and obviously is
still on the job since they were questioning a druggie at Clayton station.
I wonder why they don’t use cruisers and have to take public transport.

Well, as I was reading the Herald Sun today, I saw this advert regarding

[] 10th birthday. There will be
a fireworks show and other entertainment as well. I might head down if
I’ve nothing better to do on Saturday night.

Semester One Results 2002

I had thought that the results will come out tomorrow instead of today. It seems that I have
gotten my internal clock jumbled up, because I only realized today was the 18th when I was woken up
by a call from my dad. Without any particular vigor, I pulled myself out of bed and logged online
to check my results.

Subject Grade Mark
CSE2200 C 68
CSE3208 P 50
CSE3400 N 9
CSE3420 N 7
CSE3510 P 50

C = Credit P = Pass N = Fail
I don’t know if I’m supposed to be happy or disappointed. At least I only failed two, which is
good. I was expecting to fail CSE3208 as well. But I’m puzzled at my dismal marks for CSE3510. I
was expecting more than just a bare pass. I’m sure I did well for my written exam and I couldn’t
have done that badly for my second assignment. Oh well. At least I got credit for my core subject.
The rest are electives. I took three cores last semester, so I only have one this semester. The
astoundingly mediocre marks for both CSE3420 and CSE3400 is a source of entertainment too. If
you’re gonna fail, you might as well do it right, neh? =D

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