McDonalds in Thailand

mcdonalds thailand

McDonald’s in Thailand has one important menu item that Malaysia doesn’t – pork. The Thai sure love their pork (and mangos) over here. I make it a point to go to McDonald’s in every country I visit (and managed to drag MDC with me despite her new found reluctance for all things McDonalds).

mcdonalds interior

The McDonald’s at Siam Paragon (the newest shopping center in Bangkok) has a nice interior – there is ample seating and iPod stations for listening to music. I checked out the Thai McDonald’s menu and couldn’t read it so I got passed and English menu. I found four different menu items – McSalad Shaker, Samurai Pork Burger, McPork Burger and Pepper Chicken Burger and ordered them all.

Samurai Pork Burger (66 baht)

samurai pork burger wrapper

The Samurai Pork Burger was ordered as a large value meal so it came with fries and Coke. The Samurai Pork Burger is wrapped in an appropriately aggressive red wrapper.

samurai pork burger

Samurai Pork Burger consists of a pork patty topped with mayonnaise and lettuce. I don’t know what’s so Samurai about this concoction but it tastes great eating pork. Malaysia doesn’t server pork due to religious considerations.

McPork Burger (19 baht)

mcpork burger wrapper

McPork Burger! I just love the name. McPork! McPork! McPork!

mcpork burger

The McPork Burger is the lower end offering (equivalent to a no frills cheeseburger) priced at 19 baht (about RM 1.90) and it comes in a purple wrapper and has pork in it. Mmm…(Mc)Pork.

Pepper Chicken Burger (23 baht)

pepper chicken burger wrapper

MDC ordered this one coz I ordered all the pork. The pepper chicken burger comes in a blue wrapper and tastes like chicken. πŸ˜‰

pepper chicken burger

Pepper Chicken Burger in Thailand is not slathered with pepper sauce but rather grounded pepper on a deep fried crumbly chicken patty. It’s alright, but it’s not pork.

McSalad Shaker (32 baht)

mcsalad shaker

McSalad Shaker is the current promotion in Thailand and it’s salad in a plastic container with a choice of “Salad Cream” (mayo) or 1000 Island Dressing.

mcsalad shaker contents

The McSalad Shaker in Thailand has REAL HAM as in ham made out of pork like God intended it to. MDC says it makes all the difference in the salad. It certainly made it very savory.

mcsalad shaker dressing

I put the Salad Cream into the McSalad Shaker…

mcsalad shaker shake

…and shook it as per the instructions. It was quite fun actually, or perhaps I’m just retarded.

mcsalad shaker shaken

This is what the McSalad Shaker looks like after it’s been…er, shaken.

mcsalad shaker done

MDC and I agreed that it tasted great. They have cherry tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and most importantly – ham!

mcdonalds end

McDonald’s in Thailand is great if you have a hankering for pork since we don’t get pork in Malaysia.


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