forum suggestions

I’m peaking like fuck right now (insane dose) but you didn’t need to
know that, I’m sure. I’ll just get straight to the point – in this
tweaked out, I-want-do-do-something frame of mind, I’ve decided to jump
on the forum bandwagon. I figured that since I’m not around most of the
time, I’ll make this blog more interactive.

I’m going to set that up today (while I’m still productive – that
is, if I don’t die from a stroke in the next few minutes, which is a
big if, considering the probably malignant hypertension that I’m
currently experiencing with extreme cranial pressure extending to
behind the eyeballs, permanent chest pain, ultra rapid heartbeat, and
extreme breathing difficulties, but I digress and bore with details)
and I’m open for forum topic suggestions.

Off the top of my head, there will be:

Open to all:

General discussion
It’s like a pre-requisite for a forum, or so I hear…

Forum member introduction
Please make this your first stop – a short post to tell us about
yourself. It can be as detailed as you want (feel free to tell us the
details about your bowel movement patterns) or as vague as you want
(just say hi).

The Lounge
Inspired by bl – talk about any topic under the sun, perfect for the
bored reader who wants to talk, or just while away some time at work at
your employer’s expense. πŸ˜‰

Food and snacks forum
This will be a forum for all foodies – talk about anything and
everything related to food, excluding restaurants. Basically, if you
can eat it (without fatal consequences) it goes in there.
Except if it is psychoactive, there’s another forum for that. This will
be a celebration to food and food only. That means no other threads
besides ones that elicit saliva in response.

Restaurants and cafes
Venues for food – know a great place for eating? Share your cuisine
experiences! We want details. Pictures allows in here, so go crazy.

Tech and gadgets
Tech talk…consumer electronics, PDA’s, cell phones, anything…you
can buy/sell/trade here too, but caveat emptor. I’m not going to be
responsible for reader-reader exchanges.

Music and bands
This is where you talk about anything with a beat, and even those
without. Warning: Posting about how you love a boy band is probably
going to get you flamed. πŸ˜‰
I’m thinking about allowing .mp3 files to be uploaded here.

Movies and TV
The latest blockbuster to the lamest B movie – talk about films,
movies, anime, whatever rocks your boat. Links to torrents/direct
downloads are unofficially encouraged, but uploads are impossible
unless it’s a paid privilege, due to bandwidth issues (bandwidth costs
money, ya know ;)). Oh, and XXX movies doesn’t go here – it goes into
the other forum.

Books and literature
The written word – talk about books, literature, hell, even The Bible,
if you like. Reviews and recommendations to critical dissertations, as
long as the source is printed, it goes here.

This is where you can talk about upcoming events or organize one…

The Rest of the Known World
The forum for Australians, Americans, etc. πŸ˜‰

Adults-only forums (passive age check):

Passive means that it’s not going to be enforced, I just have to
legally state that these forums are not for the ones under 12/16/18/21
(refer to state laws) years of age due to its content, but if you tell
me you’re 18, who am I to say you’re not? πŸ˜‰
Basically, there will be a checkbox saying that you are 18 years and
over while registering as a member (free), and you have to check that
in order to view and post in these forums.
That means I’m counting on you to tell me if you’re a minor – if you’re
a minor and you check that box anyway, I can’t be held legally
responsible…but that is not officially condoned or encouraged, since
I have to legally say that too.
In fact, from a legal standpoint, I shouldn’t even be stating the
obvious, people automatically check the 18 an over checkbox anyway.
But I don’t encourage that. At least I can’t legally say that I condone that practice. πŸ˜‰

Drug discussion
Illicit, OTC, Rx, any recreational drug discussion forum, and that includes pharmaceuticals.
Heroin, methamphetamine, ketamine, benzodiazepines, pharmaceuticals,
psychedelics, anything that has recreational potential – please post
about it. Legal or illegal, prescription-only or over the counter, from
the usual suspects to research chemicals – if it can be used
recreationally in the broadest interpretation of the word, we want to
talk about it.

Note: The server farm I’m on is drug-friendly, it
took me a long time to find one that is, so don’t worry about legal
ramifications. Anonymity is encouraged, but not enforced. Just use
common sense, don’t slam law enforcement here, but don’t get unduly
worried too – the server is hosted in the US and I’ve been assured that
in the unlikely event that a US law enforcement arm request details
about the blog, the good people managing the hosting center I’m with
will do a complete transfer of content to The Netherlands instead,
where they have another server farm.
That’s the reason I chose this particular hosting service – no one can
legally get on my server due to ambiguous legal circumstances that I
have the privilege of enjoying due to the geographical (and thus
jurisdiction-wise) location of this server and where I am currently at.
I was advised to host my stuff at the server farm in The Netherlands,
but I didn’t want to, coz I wanted to be on the US internet pipeline.
However, I’ve been assured that I can and will be moved there, in the
unlikely case that legal issues arise. Thus, don’t worry about IP logs,
I won’t log the forum IP addresses – and don’t worry about what you
post…if push comes to shove, this will all be moved to The
Netherlands. The significance of that particular country? One word: bl
is hosted there. OK, maybe that’s 4, but you get the point. πŸ˜‰
Your privacy is protected here.

The Dark Side
Just like the bl forum, this is the yin to balance the yang – drug
dependency and withdrawal, health issues, quitting drugs…it’ll be a
supportive forum, no flaming the addicts and all that. The drug forums
are not meant to replace the great ones out there – it’s just “our
place”, a more personal forum with more accurate regional context.
It’ll be the friends of veritas helping each other out (literally, if
you’re in the same geographical location) kind of thing. Like the forum
above, no dealing is allowed, please take that elsewhere. By elsewhere,
I mean email me directly instead. πŸ˜‰

Clubbing and nightlife
Share how you got wasted during the weekend…drug culture discussion goes here.

Ethanol and tobacco
The intoxicating liquor and the flavorful leaf – cigarette and alcohol
topics, legal vices only. There will be a certain (perhaps significant)
group who uses drugs and drinks and smokes too, but the former should
go where it belongs. You’re welcome in the Drug discussion forum. You
may not be over here, coz a lot of people who smoke and drink do not
take illicit substances.
Thus, ethanol and tobacco related subjects only. Oh, and Bhutan
citizens are welcome here, we know your government is legally insane. πŸ˜‰

Life and living
These forums are not strictly adults only, but the threads are not minor friendly either, so age-check will be used.

Working Life
The forum for the working class (white or blue, there’s no such distinction now) to bitch about work. πŸ˜‰

College and University
Tell us about life in varsity. No holds barred, this is the place where
you can run Top #10 most aesthetically pleasing girls in your faculty,
talk about which classes to avoid in a university coz of the lecturer
from hell, or conversely, which ones to take, coz of a lenient
lecturer. Hell, you can even talk about that guy you like in your
class, and hopefully a friend of his can post the phone number.
It’s everything about the best years of your life – who is fucking who,
which chicks are easy, ways to score points with a tutor, how to bypass
that web proxy in your halls of residence, what clubs to go to around
your uni, etc. A place to hook people up in the same university, create
networks for friendship, relationship, clubbing events management,
meet-ups, or who has “stuff” in your city.
Oh, and that last one will be deleted, no dealing drugs in the forums.
Stuff is alright though, that generic term can mean anything. You could
be talking about who has that Chemistry textbook you need for Chemistry
101 for all I (legally) care. πŸ˜‰

The Grapevine
Tell us about a rumor you heard, or just slander someone you hate e.g. one of my co-workers is a drug user.
The place where reputations can be torn down to shreds and characters figuratively assassinated.
There is only one rule: You’re responsible for what you write, so if
you call me in the middle of the night, asking to remove a certain
derogatory and untrue post you made while drunk…I will, but it would
be easier if you didn’t post that in the first place.
Cheaper too, since I would appreciate a token reload to my cell phone
so that I can get online using EDGE/GPRS coz I don’t have a net
connection at home. πŸ˜‰

Sex, Love and Relationships
Discussion about relationships – not porn, rather relationship advice
and sexual issues. Advice on whether or not to break up with that
cheating two-timing boyfriend of yours (yes) or whether to break up
with the drug using boyfriend of yours (no ;)) – it’ll be the forum for
all relationships – love, sex, friends with benefits.

Local news and political discussion
The place where you discuss news and political decisions – anything
which affects you, be it legislation that is about to be passed, who
you’re voting for, issues like arming the National Drug Agency (bad
move)…let us know what you think. You have a right to express your
opinion and the moderators have a right to delete it if they deem that
it’s unconstructive.
Examples of comments that will be deleted: “I hate (insert race) coz (reason).” does not tolerate racist or bigoted remarks. Policy
discussion is encouraged, as is calls for reform, but not attacks based
solely on racial/religious/cultural differences.
It’s in adults for two reasons: that’s the age of suffrage and to facilitate more mature discussion.

XX chromosomes
The forum for XY chromosomes. The posts are likely to offend:
“Empowered new age women” or whatever they call themselves nowadays. πŸ˜‰
Most likely the above and then some. Let’s not forget about SNAGs, rushing to defend a female to get in her pants. πŸ˜‰
Unless you’re “one of the guys”, or has a sense of humor, please don’t
go flaming around in here. Lesbians, homosexuals of the feminine
variety, females who has a non-hetero sexual orientation, or whatever’s
the PC word of the day – you’re welcome too. πŸ™‚
It’s a place for the people to enjoy feminine aesthetics (doesn’t
matter if you’re male, female, or “other”), and posts may contain
“juvenile language”, “vulgar depictions”, or “derogatory remarks”, and
most likely all three.

Site related:

Suggestions and complaints
Let’s hear it – this forum will be a work in process, and suggestions
and criticisms are always welcome, but not always implemented. πŸ˜‰

Restricted access:

Ministry of Truth
(Forum members with access with have a symbol)
veritas will post here, and the said posts may or may not be reposted
on (and as it stands, it looks like it won’t be). This
forum is access restricted – it’s for trusted people only, with strict
screening and perma-ban on violation of NDA.
My apologies to my family, my gf, my co-workers and known acquaintances
of said groups of people – for obvious reasons, you will not be able to
view this forum.
No, it will not be spidered or cached, and no, I won’t allow access to the abovementioned, so don’t bother asking. :p
This will contain posts by veritas – complete with pictures and videos. Just like it was. Just like it always will be.
There, I found a solution to the authentication problem. πŸ˜‰ blog posts
(Forum members will gain access upon reaching 35 posts and will have
posting privileges upon 60 posts – this will be indicated to
differentiate active forum members and lurkers)
This is where new blog posts will appear in advance of
the actual posting at the blog. The lead time can be minutes to days to
never – this is where the drafts are posted for earlier reading (if you
have reading privileges) and comments (if you have posting privileges).
The comments will be ported to the blog, chronologically.
This will also be where the “missing” posts will be…as well as entries that will never be posted on the blog…
Note: This forum will not be accessible to the people who’re associated
with my family, girlfriend or co-workers, even if the requirements are
met. The rule does not apply to people who are not in that group, but
the posting requirements are, to establish that you are not affiliated
with the abovementioned groups listed in veritas’s ban list.
Moderators and bloggers I know will have automatic access without having to hit the 35 post requirement.
The same NDA also applies to everyone, since this forum will contain
posts of a sensitive nature. Leaking out information = permanent ban.

Moderator news
(Moderators only – the moderators will have the Moderator tag)
This forum is open to moderators only. Policy, news, stuff like that. Moderators will be emailed upon a new post.

I would need moderators to well, moderate the forum, and if you want to be one, you can email
and I’ll get back to you. I’ll give you an email address
with POP and SMTP privileges (which I won’t cap, so you can go crazy
and put up attachments up to 6 GB and run amok with the bandwidth*) and
web mail (IMAP) access. I’ll foot the bill. I’ll throw in a token
angpow of RM 6 as a small gesture of appreciation and a hand written
letter to boot.

*Please read The Fine Print (TM) below. πŸ˜‰

Preference will be given to people who’re online a lot (it’s a bit
of a requirement, since you’ll need to pop in now and then :p), and
people who comment a lot will be given #1 priority. It’s open to
lurkers too, basically anyone who’s interested will be considered.

The Fine Print:
The accounts going over 5 GB per month will receive a polite email from
me to request reasonable use and the suggestion of Gmail as an
alternate p0rn exchanging system. I won’t shut down accounts, but in
the case of non-compliance, I’ll kill one kitten for each 1 GB over 5
GB you use and email the gristly video to you so that you’ll have the
conscience of that weighing on you before you decide to send that email
with the 645 MB p0rn .avi attachment. πŸ˜‰
One kitten will be massacred with a balisong and gutted in a manner
which RSPCA will not approve of and recorded to be emailed to you for
each 1 GB over 5 GB you use per month until the guilt convinces you to
stop or I run out of kittens, whichever comes first.
The above does not apply if you can email me back within 48 hours (hey,
I have to search for kittens, that needs time) with an acceptable
Acceptable explanations include:
1. “I was using it to send a 6 GB zip file of my recently deceased
(insert family member) to (insert another family member) for
2. “(Insert primary email service) died on me, and I had to send that
extremely important 7 GB presentation/assignment/company accounts to my
(check one: employer/lecturer/client) which will (cross out the ones
that does not apply: get me that 1 million dollar worth contract/either
make me graduate or have to repeat another semester/be instrumental in
my career for promotion prospects and/or huge bonuses).”
3. “Don’t get your panties all in a twist, proleate. Jesus, it’s always
with the bandwidth bills, I’m sick of hearing about it. Here’s $1
million from my trust fund, don’t bother me again.” (In the case of
which I will give you all the bandwidth you want, and my soul thrown in
for good measure)

Explanation #1 and #2 will make me release the kitten and explanation #3 will never happen. πŸ˜‰

Unacceptable explanations include:

“I was using it to exchange movies and/or porn to with my friends”

and will result in an email reply to request that you use your
work/uni/ISP email instead…and a movie clip of one kitten being
killed by me. πŸ˜‰

Please add any suggestions and email me if you’re interested in becoming a moderator.

Oh, and if I kick the bucket today, please tell my parents I love
them, and that I died happily (if not peacefully). One other thing,
tell them to keep this blog alive, renew the domains and hosting. My
password is (insert root password before passing out). πŸ˜‰

Feel free to post-humorously kick my ass for not taking sensible
counter-measures to quickly self-medicate by chemically overriding the
screaming NE and DA production, arresting the absorption of the
time-released stimulants (had a combo of IV, smoking and oral ingestion
at the same time, and the last one can be nullified with charcoal
pills), lowering the seizure threshold with a combo of quick acting and
long lasting cocktail of lorazepam and clonazepam, and heavily sedating
myself with midazolam and massive doses of alprazolam and diazepam (all
of which is in abundance just 3 meters away), but illogically choosing
to ride the high instead. πŸ™‚

Come to think of it, while you’re at it, you might as well tell my
gf that I’m sorry about everything, send my employers my regrets for
not being able to finish the current project I’m working on due to my
untimely demise (and tell them to get a C# programmer to finish it, the
code I wrote is near completion for RC 1 and is well documented to
boot, so a 30 day fixed term contract C# programmer should be more than
enough to complete the build, the latest of which is in my notebook,
which you can have (the code, not the notebook), on the condition that
no other files or folders are touched, coz some of them are quite
incriminating, and not just to myself, but 5-6 (maybe 10) other people
as well, but if said files and folders (which will be referred to as
“photos and videos” henceforth) are accidentally viewed, please
promptly forget that you saw what you saw, and for Christ’s sake, don’t
tell my gf, but my parents already know, so pass the notebook to them
after said source code is extracted, and remember, the notebook goes to
my parents, not my gf, it’s very important, the difference between
grief and anger, I kid, there’s nothing incriminating here ;)), and
nominate someone amongst the readers to keep the comment spam at bay.
Oh, and pass my non-existent Cayman Islands account number
1-6-0110-666-6 to my lawyer so he can disburse the funds in this order:

60% to my parents and sister
30% for him to do the necessary money laundering to legitimatize the
profits from drug trafficking which that account contains (it’s cool,
he’s a lawyer, he does stuff like this all the time)
6% to my gf (and it should be reminded that my notebook, CD-Rs, hard
disks and other media storing device, inclusive of anything which can
potentially store .jpg, .jpeg, .avi, .mov, and .mpeg suffixes goes to
my parents, not my gf, a very important distinction)
and 4% to the person who actually believes this. πŸ˜‰

Excuse me, I should be setting up the forum. Hit me in the comments or email
to express interest in becoming a moderator. There is no time frame or
cutoff period coz I don’t even have the forum up yet. I’m putting it
between my work related programming and the Sunday mass I have to go to
tomorrow. Kidding. About attending mass, that is. πŸ˜‰

Well, enough verbal diarrhea, it seems that I’m not going to die
tonight, since I feel slightly better now, but I’m going to take more,
so it’s 50-50 either way, but I’m serious about the forum. Hit me to
tell me the preferred forum you want to be moderating, and understand
that some forums will be less popular than others and that I will be
choosing based on qualification for certain forums (e.g. drug
discussion, which shouldn’t be moderated by someone who hasn’t taken
anything stronger than Asprin, or the dark side, which wouldn’t bode
well should it be moderated by someone who only smokes cannabis, or the
grapevine, which would be hell of a forum to moderate and still thread
the thin line between free speech and libel lawsuits against me ;)).

General discussion and The Lounge and others like that doesn’t need
a prerequisite except having a strong online presence (that means you
have net access at least 4 hours a day, it’ll be good if your job
involves sitting in front of a computer), since those two are the
probably high traffic ones.

The forum will hopefully be self-sustaining and provide fresh
user-contributed interactive content so there will be something new to
read every time you hit the blog. I’m working on another project (for
the blog, not work) which will be announced soon as a feasibility
study. I’m counting on the latter to create a self-sustaining blog,
literally, so hopefully that one pans out.

First things first though…hit me at
I’ll be here all weekend, which sounds sad, but is necessary to
complete both work and personal projects, with chemical assistance,
naturally. πŸ˜‰

It should be noted that the forum will have a different intellectual
property stance – the stuff you post is yours. You retain all the
copyrights to it, and “own” it, to put it bluntly. Thus, please ensure
that it’s not copyrighted by someone else i.e. post photos you have
taken yourself/have the copyrights of or those under public
domain/Creative Commons (remember to give credit) licenses only.

This IP stance goes for all the posts people make as well – you own
the words you write and you’re responsible for it. Basically, anything
you post here is (C) (Insert Your Name). This allows forum users to
retain their intellectual property and distances myself from IP dispute
issues at the same time. It also relieves me from libel lawsuits if you
decide that talking about your boss/some prominent politician/etc and
putting real names (both yours and theirs) is a good idea. πŸ˜‰

That’s not to say that I won’t delete posts you regret making
though, here at the forums, we go the extra length to
make sure that you can speak freely and protect you* at the same time.

Nifty, eh. πŸ˜‰

*Fine print is here: I’ll protect your rights the best I can, but in
order for me to do that, you have to understand that you can’t e.g.
slander someone with a good lawyer, unless it’s true (in which case
you’ll have to convince the court with hard evidence) and even then,
political figures attracts unwanted attention. In line with our free
speech stance, you can do whatever you want, and we’ll protect your
right to do it, but if shit hits the fan, it’ll be best for all if it
doesn’t have a real name to fly to, if you get what I mean…

For those who don’t – if you’re going to slander someone, for
Christ’s sake (or for your sake) don’t put your real name, and since
the IP’s are not logged, that means you can say whatever you want.
Unless there is a takedown notice issued to me, in the case of which I
will comply, to protect my own interests.

The gist of it is – use common sense, I won’t hand over server logs,
coz I can’t, but don’t get me in trouble either, coz I can’t afford to
since I’m a *newsflash* drug user and all, and that means that I will
be in trouble, should the police, say, raid my place, or, do a urine
test on me. You won’t, of course, but think of the children! I mean,
think of me. πŸ˜‰

OK, enough writing, I’ll be doing more forum creation from now on.

I’ll furnish progress reports from time to time in the comments.

Jesus, now that sounds really sad…

Right, if you’re interested…

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