Oreo Twist Lick Dunk


Oreo is the world’s favorite biscuit and the famous cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies have been “emulated”, shall we say, by a lot of local biscuits manufacturers. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that aside, nothing beats the original Oreo in taste – the others lag a very distant second, and most of them are quite…well, crappy to be honest.

I’m a big fan of Oreo cookies and have been known to single-handedly consume several tubes of the stuff when I have the munchies back in Australia. I have committed most of the 7 Deadly Sins, gluttony being no exception, and the method I use to eat it is to stuff several of the cookies into my mouth and wash it down with milk. I know, I’m an animal. πŸ˜‰

oreo milo

Oreo has been emphasizing on the Twist Lick Dunk methodology as the proper method of eating Oreo cookies and I have been learning to eat Oreo biscuits with the latest decree. I won’t say that it tastes better this way, since I still prefer the stuff-my-mouth-full-of-Oreo-cookies-and-wash-down-with-milk consumption angle, but at least I’m not packing on the pounds by eating Oreo cookies one by one.


What would you do for an Oreo cookie?

little sister

The sharable Oreo tube packing also allows for easily portability when out window shopping with your little sister.


Oreo is the perfect snack for those OT sessions. You don’t actually have to stop working, and it can be passed around easily for cubicle slaves like us. It won’t even make your hands sticky, unlike some other chocolate biscuits.

byo dessert

BYO dessert. The petrol price hike is affecting everyone. Instead of complaining about it, certain cost cutting measures can be taken to maintain the same quality of life. With the constant global increase in fuel prices, we may stand witness to a trend of diners bringing their own Oreo cookies to share with friends after dinner. πŸ˜‰

loved one

Oreo memories – Sharing a pack of Oreo sandwich cookies over a mug of hot Milo on a rainy Saturday afternoon with a loved one.


This being the Year of the Rat and all, I figured the happy rodent should get his fair share of The Good Stuff. Sharing is caring.

Oreo Twist Lick Dunk

You will need:
Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies

oreo doublestuf

Step 1: Take one (1) Oreo cookie. I prefer the Oreo DoubleStuf filling.


Step 2: Twist the cookie by holding on to both ends while applying pressure in a clockwise direction. This separates one cookie from the other, with the filling sticking on to one side. I love this bit about Oreo cookies. It doesn’t disintegrate, it doesn’t have half the filling sticking to both sides, and it just twists to form a perfect plain cookie on one side and a cookie with TWICE the filling on the other.


Step 3: Lick the cream stuffing on the side with the creamy filling. You can either then reassemble the cookie or just dunk the other (or both) ends.


Step 4: Dunking is not just for donuts. You can dunk Oreo cookies in cold milk too. The proper time required for the dunking varies according to personal preference but generally, it should be saturated with milk, but not too soggy.


Step 5: Consume the dunked Oreo. The best thing about Oreo cookies is that it allows for a large margin of error in the dunking process. The Oreo won’t completely disintegrate (unless you zone out for an hour, and I’m not even sure it will disintegrate then) even if you dunk it in for longer than you anticipated.


Step 6: Wash down with milk. I just can’t get over this habit. I’m sorry, I know it’s not in the official Oreo Bible as part of orthodox dogma but I just like doing it.

Oreo – Twist and Dunk Video Guide
This is a video guide for the readers who prefer to watch rather than appreciate the written word. πŸ˜‰

Oreo is indeed a world favorite and very versatile biscuit to boot. It’s also available as wafer rolls and with double fillings like Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cream. Mmm…

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