New Year 2006 – Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll @ Somerset Gateway, Kuching

somerset gateway

New Year’s Eve ’05 and the countdown to New Year ’06 was celebrated in an unconventional venue this year – Somerset Gateway, Kuching. Somerset Gateway is a serviced apartment located in the heart of the city and it’s managed by The Ascott Group. It’s one of the best places to chill out and crash in and you can hit the clubbing districts and make it your base to boot.

somerset gateway reception

Anyway, a group of us (spearheaded by me and Cherie) booked a
2-bedroom serviced apartment for RM 380 per night. It is a reasonable
rate coz the facilities are great; and the privacy and security,
better. I think we checked in sometime around 8 pm with everything we
needed to usher in the New Year with the insobriety that New Year
celebrations demand. ;)

somerset gateway apartment

The apartment we were in was the last one available that night which
is either due to the high influx of tourists and travelers or locals
having a home session coz most of the clubs were raided during New
Year’s Eve. Oh, and about the title, there were no sex, drugs and rock
and roll…at least not all three – we listen to hard trance. ;) That’s
a joke, btw.

somerset gateway fugitives

These are the first two fugitives – it looks like we’re on the run. I thought that was pretty funny.

somerset tour

Download: Somerset Gateway, Kuching video tour []

somerset gateway kitchen

This is the kitchen / food preparation area of Somerset Gateway
serviced apartments. They have a fridge, freezer, all the utensils and
cooking implements you need (except scissors!), plates, glasses, and
they even threw in a front loader washing machine and a dryer on the
side. You get the idea…

somerset gateway master

This is the master bedroom…it’s just beside the guest bedroom (or
the other bedroom) and it has a huge bed instead of two single beds
like in the guest bedroom.

master bedroom bath

There is also a toilet / shower and bath area which is inside the master bedroom. There is a smaller shower and toilet outside.

cherie chair master

There is also a chill out chair and the entire apartment provides a
really great view of Kuching. It’s amazing to just suddenly drag open
the blinds and let the amazing panorama of Kuching hit you, it’s nice.
I usually just look out but I learnt that trick from Cherie.

somerset night

Download: Somerset Gateway view []

somerset gateway view

It was close to 10 pm on the last day of 2005 when we turned down the lights and chilled out.

pills are prescribed

There were trip toys and party packs and glow sticks to play around with…

chill and pop

…and we totally missed the countdown coz we were pretty fucked up by 11 pm.

Cherie: When’s the countdown?
Huai Bin: I’m not sure but I think it’s coming soon.
Hope: What’s wrong with you guys? It’s already 3 am in the morning! You totally missed the countdown.
Cherie + Huai Bin: Okay.

(a few minutes pass)

Cherie: When’s the countdown again?

I think that went on for quite a while. ;)

somerset gateway pool

Anyway, we crashed until 2 pm and went to chill at the pool on the
15th floor. There is a sauna and other facilities as well, including a
couple of tanning chairs.

somerset gateway pool people

There were some other guests frolicking around in the wading pool and eating chicken wings.

cherie hb roof

The only thing we could eat (drink?) was bubble tea with lots of Chivas inside.

coffee master

Coffee Master does room service in Somerset
Gateway, Kuching so the four of us ordered a lot of juice (self-infused
with more Chivas) and some untoasted club sandwiches for later when we
have the munchies.

soap dish
(Soap dish)

soap ashtray

But nah, we didn’t thrash the place.

I think we actually cleaned up pretty much everything for them…at least Cherie did.

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