The pain! The pain is too much!!!

ming tien taiwan sausage

I’m sure you’ve heard of the legendary Super Spicy Taiwan Sausage at Ming Tien food court. I was a bit dubious about this claim at first since I can take a lot of heat. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that their claim of super spicy is actually for real.

ming tien taiwanese sausage make

I’m not a wuss when it comes to Scoville units. I believe that more is more (versus less is more, geddit) but when I requested for a super super spicy sausage it was…quite an experience.

I’ve always maintained a healthy disregard for spicy claims due to my high tolerance to spicy stuff so I convinced the guy to let me add some of the chilli powder to the spicy sausage.

ming tien taiwanese sausage super spicy

This is where the disclaimer goes. Don’t rub your eyes after your fingers come into contact with the mean wrapper. It’s infused with chilli powder and your sensitive ocular devices won’t ever let you hear the last of it.

Most of the people I went with threw in the towel after one bite (some even BEFORE they ate – just from smelling the chilli powder). I love it though.

ming tien taiwan sausage phallic shaped

Taiwan Sausage is located at Ming Tien food court in PJ. You have to order the super spicy sausage for the complete and unedited experience. It goes for RM 2.30 per sausage. This phallic shaped meat of tough love is sure to thrill.

ming tien taiwan sausage sausage akimbo

Sausage akimbo! It’s my regular haunt when my taste buds wants some S&M lovin’.

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