Cheese Balls – a poem

Noir sounds good
Swaying me to the melody
I’m stepping on a piece of foil
Mars bars are sweet and nicely coat the mouth
Cheese balls will be fun too and that’s why I got it just now
My eyelids feel heavy
Cheese balls satiate me
I shovel them through my mouth
and crunch them with delight
Music brings me back
To memories, sealed in wax
That is so cliché
and cheese balls are good
Detached dissociation
I see blue light through the foil
and streaks of towers too
A cheese ball rolls off the pack
down my trousers pants
before I caught the wayward one
and shoved it in my mouth
A very deep meaning
My teeth hurts
From rubbing on salt and sour stuff
I think of softly undulating waters
riding atop a canoe
Cheese ball dispensers
Dispense me more cheese balls
I want to crunch them

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