Free tickets to a strip show anyone?


I went to check my mail and found not one, but two envelopes from
The Men’s Gallery (a strip club in Melbourne). I’ve stopped wondering
about my interesting mail
[], but I’m puzzled about why they felt it was necessary
to mail me 4 free tickets (each envelope had two tickets) admitting two
people each. The four tickets are enough to admit 8 people, would
anyone like them? There are two shows, one’s on the 16th (yesterday)
and the other one is on the 23rd of May. Oh, and sexually explicit
entertainment may offend. =D I’m not really interested in going, I
wonder when I’ll start getting mail that targets my interests like
“Online Pharmacy in Australia – NO PRESCRIPTIONS NECESSARY! We’re
included FREE sample packs of Dexamphetamine and Xanax as a token of
goodwill!”. Heh! In my dreams, maybe. πŸ˜‰

P/S – I was kidding about that last bit.

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