Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant

Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant

Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant is not located in Pangkor but it sure seems like it. It’s nestled somewhere deep within the recesses of Subang and is Aud‘s regular stomping grounds. The proprietor there even knows her coz her family eats there so often.

Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant interior

I am told this eating establishment offers extremely good curry fish head. The place is full of patrons digging into dinner and the four of us managed to find a table in the restaurant. There is an al freso area and an indoor dining section and most of the tables can be seen with the flagship curry fish head.

Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant Spinach with Garlic

This is Spinach with Garlic – which I tried to eat more of, considering I’m not exactly the embodiment of healthy living. It’s RM 8 for a small dish and RM 10 for a large one. I can’t comment much about vegetables, since I never clicked on the Like button on this particular food group ever since I was a kid.

Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant Honey Soy Chicken

Moving on to the meat of the post, this is the Honey Soy Chicken (RM 15, 20, 25 for S, M, L). It is endorsed by Ho Chiak as the sticker on the menu proclaims loudly (if words can talk that is). I found this rather good – the taste and texture is spot on. Sorry I stole all the good bits of the chicken. smirk

Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant Fried Homemade Beancurd with Minced Chicken

The next dish is the Fried Homemade Beancurd with Minced Chicken (RM 10 for small, RM 15 for large). Beancurd to me belongs to the tofu group which I am not particularly fond of either. However, this dish surprised me with the exquisitely tender beancurn contrasted with the lean chicken meat. The gravy does the dish much justice too. I used Gourmet Mode on my Sony Cyber-shot TX-5 to take all the photos in this post.

Pangkor Curry Fish Head dish

Now this is the highlight of the meal – Curry Grouper Fish Head! It’s also bears the prominent lips, teeth and tongue logo of Ho Chiak and I stand here as witness that this is really good curry fish head.

There is no santan (coconut milk) added to the curry fish head – it’s cooked the Proper Way (TM). The price ranges from RM 28 – RM 75 depending on the portion. I liked the tender and succulent fish but the best part about this tai chow place’s signature dish is the curry sauce.

Pangkor Curry Fish Head

You can practically eat a plate of steamed rice with the curry alone – the medley of spices produces an opus of epicurean delight on your taste buds!

Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant can be a little hard to find so I’m going to list down the GPS coordinates:

N 03º 04′ 40.5″
E 101º 35′ 18.8″

I saved it so I can come here to eat the curry fish head again. You know the best thing about Pangkor Curry Fish Head Restaurant? It’s not only fucking good but it’s halal to boot!

Pin Kee Restaurant

pin kee restaurant

Yuen Yee suggested this place called Pinky (Tham?) or Binky for dinner. Since she’s the incumbent of Sunway, having made her bones here, we went with her for the famed buttermilk sotong.

pin kee interior

I would vote for this little girl (being 7 years older allows me to say crap like this ;)) if she ever runs in the election.

Okay, here’s what we had:

pin kee venison

Black pepper venison

I loved this dish. It has a nice and suitably peppery taste to it (suspect it had a lot to do with the name of the dish).

pin kee kung pow pork

Kung pow pork

It’s pork with dried chillies. I love both. I have no complaints. I am a happy man. 🙂

pin kee mapo tofu

Mapo tofu

It’s tofu. I weep tears when I see tofu. I’m not a big fan of tofu and other Healthy Stuff (TM) to that effect. I had one though.

pin kee veggies

Vegetable with siew yuk (roast pork)

See above. The only redeeming factor is the roast pork fried with the veggies. smirk

pin kee buttermilk squid

Buttermilk sotong

Last but not least (fucking cliched) this dish was pretty good but I would have preferred the calamari (it looks more like calamari than squid to me) to NOT be deep fried before cooking.

pin kee us

L-R: Yuen, Sheng, Kadazan Warrior a.k.a. Karen Mayer, Michelle, Nic, Fresh, me

Conspicuously missing from the photo – Jestina (O Great Leader who guided us to the finale of Left 4 Dead) and Nicholas.

The best part is that is only cost RM 11 per person for dinner!

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