The Bakery Moments

the bakery moments

The Bakery Moments is a Norwegian concept bakery located at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara that serves Norwegian bakery products.

bakery moments al fresco

The Bakery Moments has abundant seating arrangement, both indoor and
al fresco. This is the first outlet of The Bakery Moments in Malaysia.

bakery moments counter

The main counter of The Bakery Moments showcases some of their
bakery products. You’ll notice that The Bakery Moments has a stylized
y, which is made to look like a green heart and is a prominent element
throughout the bakery.

bakery moments cold deli

There is also a self-service deli/sandwich counter in the middle of
the place, with various bottled and canned drinks from mineral water to
coke available.

bread rack

The Bakery Moments also has a bread rack, true to its name and they offer a wide variety of different breads.

bakery moments deli

The cold sandwich counter features a wide range of sandwiches, with
fillings to please everyone from the vegan to the meat lover. I went
for the Swimming Shrimp Avocado (RM 12).

bakery moments time

I also ordered a Sunny bolle (RM 2.50) from the
main counter for something sweet. I love the attention to detail in The
Bakery Moments – everything from the stylized green heart logo to the
two clocks showing the time in Malaysia and Norway.

bakery moments lunch

This is what I had for lunch – there’s the Swimming Shrimp Avocado
sandwich (served on a plate by the waitress), a Sunny Bolle, and a 600
ml bottle of Aquarius mineral water. The staff also gave me a free
piece of chocolate cake.

bakery free choc cake

This is the generous piece of chocolate cake that came as a free
sample. It’s fluffy and nice, with just the right balance of sweetness
complemented by the smattering of dark chocolate chips on top.

sunny bolle

The Sunny Bolle is a pastry with hints of pineapple and cinnamon
which is a great combination. The Bakery Moments seem to cycle their
products fairly often as all the food I’ve had are fresh and don’t have
the stale tones that other bakeries often have.

swimming shrimp avocado

The Swimming Shrimp Avocado comes with generous amounts of filling
and can be heated upon request. I prefer to eat deli sandwiches cold
though, so I didn’t opt for that.

swimming shrimp avocado filling

Here’s a close look at the Swimming Shrimp Avocado – it has shrimps,
avocado, cream cheese, lettuce, spring onion and cucumber. The fillings
just burst with flavor and juices when bitten into.

The Bakery Moments @ The Curve comes highly recommended from me. It
has great bakery products and the service from the staff is excellent.

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