Archery Range @ Genting

archery range

There is an archery range at Genting that charges RM 15 for 30 arrows so me and Rene got 15 each and tried to see who gets the higher score. The bet was that I can put up her photo if I won and the opposite goes if she wins.

archery range ticket

The archery range is basically like a shooting range, with stationary target that you (try to) hit. The crossbow is a little light and the quiver goes on a nook at the front and sets at the string at the back. There are CCTV cameras pointed at the targets so you can see what’s happening in real time on a screen in front of you.

archery range me

It was fun – I managed to get about six arrows onto the target while Rene got one less so I could put up her photo. Heh!


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