Genting Highlands Indoor Arcade

genting funtasy world

Genting Highlands has an indoor arcade and theme park which people throng through during the night when the outdoor theme park is closed.

genting indoor arcade

The indoor arcade is called Funtasy World and has rides, simulations and games. I went with Rene after a session in the casino. The credits come in a swipe card instead of coins.


genting gunshot

Gunshot is a game where a digital rifle is fired upon targets at monitor screens about 5 meters away. The game allows 30 shots for RM 10 and its quite fun to play around with.

genting gunshot me

The rifle is attached to a cord which registers a hit when the bull eye is hit by the rifle. I played with this game for quite a while. It’s like a digital shooting range.

Premier K-Box

genting kbox The K-Box is a self enclosed kiosk that allows you to choose from a variety of songs for karaoke singing. One song is RM 2 and there is a touch screen to select from.

Harley-Davidson motorbike simulation

genting harley

I also got on the Harley-Davidson motorcycle simulation though the streets of LA. You literally have to steer the motorbike using the actual size of the Harley-Davidson.

Bass Fishing

genting bass fishing

Rene played the more passive bass fishing simulator. There is a cord attached to a real fishing rod that you use to fish with.

Top Skater

genting skate

Top Skater by SEGA Skateboarding is another simulator that we got on. It’s pretty fun coz the control is via an actual skateboard attached to the arcade machine.

Namco Trackball

genting trackball

There was also this weird game by Namco where you roll a trackball like device which I played with Rene. I don’t know what it’s supposed to do so we just guessed and I won the game. Heh!

Namco Drums

genting drums

One of the more exotic games is the Namco drum arcade game where you hit the huge drums. The game play is pretty unusual and I like arcade machines with unusual control schemes.

SEGA Dinosaur King

genting card game

I don’t know how to play this game but I went on it anyway. It’s some kind of card battle game like Magic: The Gathering except it’s in Japanese and I couldn’t figure out what to do.

Kart Duel Go-Kart simulator

genting go kart

This is the last game that we played. It’s a Go-Kart simulator with real Go-Kart controls and I managed to soundly beat Rene (or was it the other way round?).


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