Skinny dipping in Gwangalli Beach

skinny dipping

…one cold night, it was decided that a trip to Korea would not be complete without a dip in the famous Gwangalli Beach in front of our hotel in Busan.

Thus, I went in and did it!

The interesting thing was that two other people in our group were also rendezvousing on the beach (they were not aware we were there) and I was told this conversation happened:

Farez: Where are you? I’m at the beach.
Farez: Jun Jye…is that you? Running towards me? Naked?
(It wasn’t – that was me)
Jun Jye: What?
Farez: You’re running towards me. On the beach. Naked.

It’s funnier when you hear it, I’ve got other videos in this series. Heh!

…and OMG, the water is freezing. Autumn in Korea combined with a killer wind chill factor nearly gave me hypothermia.

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