Beondegi – Korean silkworm pupa

canned food

I got this can of mystery food in Busan and had it last night for supper. I call it mystery food coz I still don’t know what it is. I don’t read Korean and since I bought this in Korea, there are no English translations anywhere.

Update: I have found out what this is! =D It’s Beondegi Korean silkworm pupa. It’s a very popular snack in Korea and can be found in convenience stores in cans, where I got mine.

korean canned food

It looks remarkably similar to cockroach larvae right?

cockroach larvae

Exhibit A

Update: I emailed the photo below to the Korea Air flight crew that I met and she translated it for it – it is Beondegi (Silkworm). Mmm…I’m so glad I accidentally purchased this! =D

Beondegi Korean silkworm pupa

I would have dedicated a longer post if I knew it was silkworm pupa though, but worry not, I have ANOTHER CAN (had the foresight to get two – haha) so I’ll do a cooking post with that one. πŸ™‚ 

It’s crunchy too, just like how cockroach egg casings sound when you step on it. I found it quite delicious actually.

MyDoom (and yours)

mydoom worm

MyDoom raped me a bit over the course of the day…I had to delete
thousands of Mydoom/Novarg emails, but that wasn’t that bad since the
worm does have characteristic
[] subject and body text so a string filter to dump those
mails straight into the Deleted Items folder can clean things up easily.

What isn’t so funny is the 22 kb payload…multiply that by
thousands and there’s wasted bandwidth for you. I just paid US$ 60 for
excess bandwidth usage today. Which reminds me, would
have to be moved in the next few days. I have already aquired a US$
34.94 per month VPS/VDS hosting package since this site has outgrown
the current host. That’s RM 132 each month, but I reckon it’ll be
cheaper in the long run.

I will be moving as soon as possible, the backups are ready, so
let’s hope this would be a smoother server move than my first host
(HostNexus) to my current host (ICDSoft), where I’ll still be keeping The last move was gnarly since the sql database dump
somehow got fux0red and I had to use the import feature, which breaks
the sequence. I moved last time because started to
outgrow the old host and it’s for the same reason this time. I’ve had
good experience with both of my hosts, this blog just needs a higher
end package since the visitors increase each month.

RM 132 might seem like a lot to pay with my soon to be 2k salary,
but yeah, I don’t mind the expenditure. Oh, and I also picked up two
domains today, which will be revealed in due time. That makes the family 5, which is always a nice number. πŸ˜‰ I don’t know
what I’m going to do with the domains though…I might run a nameserver
on one since I have two static IPs so yeah if anyone needs a secondary
NS, feel free to approach me when that happens.

Right then, this post has been rather site-centric, sorry about
that. Just a notice that might be down for up to 48 hours
in the next few days while the DNS records propogate. Sleep tight
everyone and don’t let the mass mailing worms bite!

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