Can you pretend to be my boyfriend?

xiao mei 1

That was the question put forward to me by someone I just met. She
had someone going after her that she didn’t like and wanted me to take
photos of us together to claim that I’m her boyfriend.

xiao mei me 1

I don’t know why, but these situations always come to me. I’m kinda
used to it already, so alright, I said, I’ll pose for a couple of
photos to make us look like we’re in a relationship and I’ll also post
it on the website but I will not confirm it in real life since I
already have a girlfriend.

xiao mei me 2

This is Xiao Mei (her real name is Abby) and these are the photos
she’s going to show to ward off her admirer that she doesn’t like. It
works well for me too, since it’s another XX chromosomes post. However,
I don’t think my gf will think highly of this, regardless of the
situation of helping out a friend. :p

xiao mei me 3

Anyway, here you go…now you owe me one. πŸ˜‰

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