The intricacies of the dining room menu

I just went to slops to get something to eat. The meals are around A$3.60 and because I was
wearing pajamas (no pockets) I didn’t bring along my wallet but just brought A$4 in coins. Now, I
had some herbed chicken with rice, and because the dish beside the steamed rice usually comes with
rice, I thought that will cost the standard A$3.60. However, at the cashier I was told that rice is
extra for the chicken and thus it costs 90c more. Don’t ask me why they charge 90c for a scoop of
rice, they just do. Anyway, since I only had A$4 with me, I had to go back to my room and get 50c
and come back. Hmph.

Zhang Ziyi is hot

Just watched Rush Hour 2 (minor spoilers) when I was supposed to be working on my
assignment. I did watch the first one but it didn’t really make an impression on me. This one was
great though, it has lots of hot chicks. πŸ™‚ Notice the Heaven on Earth scene and the opening of Red
Dragon Casino. Mmm… Zhang Ziyi doesn’t get a lot of screen time though, and she gets pretty weak
lines. Jackie Chan is great in this movie, I like the guy. He’s natural as opposed to people like
Jet Li who just tries to look cool. Chris Tucker is entertaining as usual with his borderline
racist (but in a funny way) trash talking. The fight scenes are awesome, great choreography
especially the one in Heaven on Earth.

Highlight of the movie: The part where Jackie walks right into Zhang Ziyi after escaping from
the security guards in the casino backroom.

Lowlight of the movie: That lame ass “Oops…I stepped on a garden rake” death scene.

Picture taken from the official site.

The official site also has a Palm game available for download.
Its only 29kb but apparently it does not support color devices. It gave me an error (Failed to
initialize graphics hardware — this device isn’t supported. Sorry!) on my m505 so unless you
have a monochrome Palm, don’t bother installing it.


Today is a holiday so there are no classes. Unfortunately, my Java
tutorial has been rescheduled (!) instead of cancelled – to
8 am on Friday. Damn, and I had worked so hard on my timetable to give
myself a free day (Friday) even though I’m taking 5 subjects. Guess I’ll
have to wake up at an unholy hour tomorrow for my 1 hour commute to my
campus. Anyway, ANZAC Day is a day where Aussies and Kiwis sit around and
Anzac biscuits

Nah, just kidding. It’s a war veteran commemoration day. Read more about


Weather : Rainy and depressing and cold

Picture of the Day:

That’s food from the Halls dining room. Any wonder why we call the dining
room slops?

C++ Mid-semester test aftermath

Oh, and for everyone that has been waiting with bated breath to hear how I
did on my C++ test (yeah, all three of you), I think I did okay, but then
I’m an optimist. Unlike some people who always say that they didn’t do too
good (even though they did) because they don’t want brag, I always say
that I did pretty good, even though I maybe just barely scrape through. I
read a psychology paper some time ago that suggests that people who
consistently overestimate themselves are actually less intelligent than
people who underestimate themselves. This is because they don’t have the
correct frame of reference or something. Hmm…does this mean I’m dumb? =D

P/S – I have culled the main page to facilitate faster loading times. Old
blogs can be read in the new archive link to
your left. If you don’t see the archive link,
please refresh/reload and it should appear.

Edit: Old hyperlink removed.

Only in CSE3510…

do you get marks deducted for doing something extra. Hmph. Oh well, the
assignment specs did say to follow everything to the T, but the fields
didn’t make much sense to me so I added in something extra. For that I got
a -1 UNWANTED SCREENS AND ACTIVITIES and -1 Additional fields in ????? ???
(unintelligible). I don’t blame the lecturer though, coz he DID say to
follow the specs. But that doesn’t mean I can’t rant a bit. :).

The comments read:

1. Additional Fields in ???? ???

2. Incorrect Layout of Cards



And I did have a print facility too, and what’s more its documented in the
User Manual. OK, enough of my bitching. Just felt that I deserved more
than an 8/12. Oh well.


I was browsing my C++ subject webpage to look at the sample exam
questions. The first one I clicked on nearly made me
, until I read the words FINAL EXAM. Phew…I thought that was the
mid semester test.

Word of the Day:

Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces, usually indicating
gastrointestinal distress or disorder.

Beautiful Day

It’s a bright and breezy day today, perfect for studying. I can’t seem to
take a good photo of the sky though, for some reason, it doesn’t look as
bright as it does in real life. Oh well, my webcam is not the best device
to take photos anyway. I managed to get some breakfast and coffee from the
dining hall and I’m all ready to hit the books with my big bottle of OJ
and Allen’s Party Mix – the confectionary of champions! Or
something…that could just be the coffee talking.


Sad looking toasted sandwich              
Allen’s Party Mix Hand-cam!

C++ Interview

Just came back from my C++ interview, and I think I passed. Word out to
Vivek Asthana (my CSE3400 tutor) for being a cool guy. I’m going to sleep
soon, didn’t get much sleep last night in a vain effort to read up on my
C++. I had to do some Creative Bullshitting (CB) and Pulled Facts Straight
Out of My Ass (PFSOoMA) during the interview. Heh. Now I’m going to hit
the sack and wake up later to study for my C++ test tomorrow. Constrained
Genericity, Orthodox Canonical Forms, Dynamic Binding…oh my.




Four down, three to go. I have to say that Vanity is the best one so far.
It has little silvery balls embedded into the outer crust and the ice
cream is champagne flavored. If you only get one of the sins, let it be
this one. Yeah, I know I sound like I’m on Streets payroll. πŸ™‚

The 7 Deadly Sins

Did a late night Coles run with Adrian to boost energy levels (by getting
sugary stuff). Magnum is doing a promotion where they have the 7 deadly
sins as different types of ice creams. It’s supposed to be limited
edition, in that it’s only available for 4 months. I got all 7 different
types and so far, I’ve eaten the Sloth one. Those who know me will
recognize ‘Sloth’ as my sin. Heh. The ice cream stick even has a phrase engraved
into it. The Sloth one goes

Amen brother!

I’ve taken photos of the different wrappers. See them here:








The smell of freshly cut grass

The lawnmower man came today and mowed the grass around the halls. I like
the smell of freshly cut grass. That plus a healthy dose of sunlight
boosts serotonin levels, I believe.

That’s a view outside my window to the area below. It’s partially
obstructed by the shutter.

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