The most electrifying event in sports entertainment

I decided on a whim to check if there are any tickets left for WWE’s Global
Warning Tour at
[] under the A$109.99 price point this
afternoon. I saw some going for A$199.99 yesterday night, after Adrian saw
on the news that they’re making some more seats available, but that’s a
bit too much. Anyway, I saw that there were only two seats left in the
Gold Box (A$109.99) area, so I rushed down to the Ticketmaster outlet at
Chadstone and snagged myself a ticket to tomorrow’s event. =D This was the
event that sold out in 48 hours after the tickets were available.
Apparently, they managed to squeeze some more seats in by creatively
arranging the seating area. Goodie…I’ve wanted to go but have failed
trying to get tickets to this sold out event before.

The updated card for this shows that:

10 @ 7.30pm

WWE Undisputed Championship
The Rock vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

Tag Team Championship
Christian & Lance Storm vs. Big Valbowski & Hardcore Holly

Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble (with Nidia) vs. Rey Mysterio

Rikishi vs. Kurt Angle

Randy Orton vs. Test

Billy Kidman & Hurricane vs. Chavo Guerrero & Rico

Bra & Panties Match
Torrie Wilson vs. Stacy Keibler

Three-team Elimination Match
Mark Henry & Maven vs. Billy & Chuck vs. Batista & D-Von

Plus a special appearance by SmackDown! General Manager Stephanie

Too bad Hollywood Hulk Hogan had to pull out because of a back injury but
at least Stephanie McMahon will make an appearance. Heh. I’m in the Gold
Box area, which will be hydraulically moved out to the front to be closer
to the ring. Not as good as the Fightdeck, Platinum and Diamond seats, but
those go for twice the price. Woo hoo, I’m pretty st0ked to watch one this
one live. I’ve always been interested in professional wrestling (okay,
sports entertainment) and the storyline is pretty good too. It will be on
tomorrow at 7:30 pm at the
[]. They allow still cameras so I’ll be
posting pictures up late tomorrow night after the event. I can’t wait to
smell what The Rock is cooking.

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