Feel the burn

I had a physical exam for my gym membership and an appointment with a trainer to manage my
workout today. I seem to have a “risk factor” in that I have hypertension. It’s 143/95, which is
slightly high, but I already know I have borderline high blood pressure. It seems that the
diastolic blood pressure is an important hypertension number for younger people. I have clocked in
higher blood pressure figures though. I didn’t have my usual nitro powered coffee and sodium
saturated meals today to have a more presentable reading. Heh. I actually haven’t eaten anything
for 16 hours prior to the reading, but that’s because I usually only eat one meal a day. I seem to
have put on some weight too. I’m 73 kgs now, a gain of 3 kgs since my last weighing. However, I
seem to have grown 1 cm. Heh. I had 171 cm down as my height and after measuring, it turned out to
be 172 cm. Anyway, I was put on a rather rigorous cardio + weight training program. It was
punishing to finish the sets that were recommended by the trainer. There were exercises that worked
on small muscle groups I didn’t even know I had. I am supposed to do 20 minutes of cardio and 40
minutes of weight training three times a week. There is another program for a one hour weight
training which should be done on alternate days. Hell yeah, I felt the burn today. =D

4 prints on a Polaroid minus one that was cut out for the membership card

I’m going to get my gym membership card tomorrow. I went to the MONSU service desk to get my
photo taken for the membership card. I always lose my passport sized photos for some reason. It was
A$5 for 4 prints on a Polaroid film. Apparently Polaroid film needs to dry out for around 2 minutes
before it can be cut, but I was strapped for time so I just cut it up anyway and it didn’t smudge
or anything. I look fat in this picture, so I’m going to stick to my workout and attempt to go from
fat ass to beef cake in one month. Watch me folks. =D

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